6 Camping Gear Rental Yellowstone & Jackson WY [Which is the Best?]

Here are six of the best places to rent camping gear for your trip to Yellowstone or Jackson, Wyoming. We chose the top companies that will provide you with top-quality products for the ultimate camping experience.

The Yellowstone and Jackson area features some of Wyoming’s best natural and scenic outdoor beauty, well-suited for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Visit any time of the year to experience all four seasons and take part in different activities. 

When you camp there, you need to figure out how you will get the equipment to your destination, too. If you fly to the area or don’t have space in your car for a lot of camping gear, you might consider renting the equipment.

I love camping in the Yellowstone and Jackson, Wyoming, area, but I’d rather not lug all my equipment with me. I spent a lot of time researching the best places to rent camping gear in the area, which is surprisingly limited. 

Through my search and experience, I found six excellent outdoor stores that offer camping gear rentals in Yellowstone and Jackson, Wyoming.

I find that Teton Backcountry Rentals is the best option for local rentals, but you can find a good selection of tents at Teton Mountaineering. If you prefer more luxurious camping digs, Moterra Campervans rents out fully-equipped vans. To rent online, consider Lower Gear Outdoors or Outdoors Geek. REI is a go-to for many outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its trusted brand name, but each store’s inventory has its limit. 

Teton Backcountry Rentals

Located down the road from the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center in northern Jackson, Teton Backcountry Rentals is 20 miles from Bridger Teton National Forest in Jackson and 80 miles from Grant Village Campground in Yellowstone.

Camping gear rentals near Yellowstone can be delivered to three areas for a fee as follows:

Delivery LocationPrice
Town of Jackson$15
Jackson Hole Airport, Town of Wilson, Teton Village, Teton Village Road, South of High School Road$30
Alpine, Togwotee Mountain Lodge, Moran, Victor, Driggs$75

To schedule a delivery, call or email the store. They will ask you for the delivery location, date, and time. If it is approved, you will receive a call with the confirmation information.

Online camping gear rentals in Jackson, WY, can be picked up and dropped off in-store during regular business hours. During pick up, meet with a store team member who will go over the equipment details with you.

To make an online reservation, visit the store’s website and browse the inventory. At check out, be sure to enter the rental dates. If you have questions, email or call. 

Customers can return the equipment in-store or have the equipment picked up. Pick-up requires prior approval.

Tents, sleeping bags, and overnight packs are available to rent. Tables, camping stoves, and lamps are others. They also offer winter activity gear such as skiing, snowshoes, and split boards. Gear brands include Coleman, Lynx, and Alps Mountaineering, which are all high-quality. 

The store helps customers plan their trip, too. Depending on your package and pricing, you can get anything from Online Mapping Tutorial to in-person consulting sessions.

The store provides the equipment needed for a safe and successful trip, but they have a limited offering.


  • Delivery options available
  • Team members on-site to help with gear rentals
  • You can plan your trips through the same company


  • Offers are limited
  • Must be approved before pick-up

Moterra Campervans

Moterra Campervans is located in southern Jackson, Wyoming, and it’s 16 miles from Bridger Teton National Forest and 80 miles from the Grant Village Campground in Yellowstone.

Moterra offers luxury camper vans as a comfortable way to camp at a site with more amenities than sleeping in a tent. 

The company has several rules in place, including hefty fees and deposits. Here’s a look at their pricing

Deposit$1,500 (refunded on return)
Average Nightly Charge$330

The reservation includes 100 miles per day and costs 35 cents for each mile driven after that. You can add a mileage bundle if you know you’ll be driving a lot, which goes for $25 for 100 miles. 

You can pick the van up from the company’s office location hub near the airport or grocery store. Customers choose a pick-up time and have a three-hour window. 

Moterra stocks each van with camping basics such as cooking gear, sleeping gear, and enjoyment, as well as cleaning products. All items are luxury brands, including memory foam pillows, sleeping bags, and comforters. 

Camping chairs, roll-top tables, and bear spray are also included, among other amenities. Customers can add one hammock, bike racks, and groceries.

Moterra equips the vans with auxiliary batteries. They all meet campsite size requirements. Vans sleep two and four and seat up to eight people. 


  • Campers come packed with luxury amenities.
  • Vans sleep up to four and seat up to eight people
  • Moterra customizes each van for each client’s trip


  • Pricey security deposit
  • They include only 100 miles per day in the rental price

Teton Mountaineering

Teton Mountaineering is also located in northern Jackson, an easy drive about 20 miles from Bridger Teton National Forest and 80 miles from the Grant Village Campground in Yellowstone.

For camping, the store offers tent rentals that sleep two, three, and four people. For an additional fee, you can rent a bear container, too. You can rent tents at the following prices:

Tent CapacityDay FeeWeek Fee
2 person$12$60
3 person$15$75
4 person$20$100
Bear Container$4$20

Teton Mountaineering is not currently taking rental reservations, but you can enter the store and speak with an associate for help. You must pick up rentals in the store. You can always call ahead and request information over the phone, too.

When you visit this store, you’ll find sleeping bags, camping accessories, and camping food for sale during the summer months. If you visit the area in winter, the store also rents hiking and climbing equipment such as mountain boots, trekking poles, and ice axes. 


  • Summer and winter gear rentals available
  • Ski prep and tune-up 
  • Bear containers available for rent


  • You can only rent tents in the summer and have to purchase additional camping gear.
  • Not currently taking reservations

Lower Gear Outdoors

Lower Gear Outdoors is based out of Arizona, but they rent camping equipment online and ship nationwide. 

Start by visiting their website and selecting the “rent online” option. You’ll look through all the available equipment and put it in your cart. 

You can ship the equipment to your home, but that means you’ll likely have to lug it on your travels. So the easiest way would be to ship your gear to your destination. 

When you return from your trip, you will use the return shipping label, box all the equipment, and drop it off at the most convenient UPS store.

The rental camping equipment includes tents, backpacks, and navigation gear. Lights, lanterns, and safety gear are also available. There are also kayaks, hydration, and accessories. 

Brands carried by the retailer include the high-end Alps Mountaineering and Big Sky International. Here’s an idea of their pricing

Minimum$29 per day$29 per day
Maximum$105 per day$109 per day

In addition to camping equipment, the store also rents mattress pads, fishing gear, and climbing gear. In many ways, this is a one-stop-shop for all your outdoor equipment rental needs. 

The only downside is that they are only located in Arizona, a far cry from Yellowstone and Jackson, Wyoming. This means that you have to know where you are staying if you want the rentals shipped to your destination ahead of time.


  • Ships nationwide
  • Rents various gear and necessary equipment
  • Tent and backpack rentals fit most budgets


  • You can’t pick up or return in person (unless you go to Arizona)
  • Only has brick-and-mortar locations in Arizona

Outdoors Geek

Outdoors Geek is a similar service to Lower Gear. The focus is renting outdoor activity equipment online. Then, they ship the equipment to a destination of your choice. When you return, you simply have to ship it back. 

This company is based out of Denver, so you can pick it up and return it there if it’s in your travel plans. They offer camping equipment rentals and the opportunity to purchase the equipment. You can rough it with basic camping equipment, or you can go glamping.

Outdoors Geek offers simple rental packages for backpacking and camping that you can add on with games, kits, and more. These are a few of their most popular pricing plans for camping: 

Basic CampingFamily CampingYellowstone Camping
Starts at $69 (per person)Starts at $274Starts at $179
Two-Person Tent8-Person Tent4-Person Tent
Sleeping Bag4 Sleeping Bags2 Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Pad4 Sleeping Pads2 Sleeping Pads
Burner Propane Stove and CookwareCookset for 2 and a Cooler
Camp TableCamp Table and 2 Chairs
Washcloths and Towels
Complimentary Care Package

Online, you select the property inputs for your package of choice. For example, the company wants to know how many people are traveling and the number of days you need the items. 

The company’s inventory is large, so you’ll likely be able to find everything that you need for your camping trip equipment-wise. 

If you do not see a rental package that fits your needs or preferences, you can customize it, too. Simply reach out to the company by phone and speak with an associate.

A downside is that there is no location near Yellowstone or Jackson, Wyoming, so you have to ship it to your destination or travel with it from home. 


  • Customizable camping packages, including a Yellowstone package
  • Large inventory
  • Ships everywhere in the U.S.


  • You can’t pick up or return in-person
  • The only storefront is in Denver


If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of REI, the adventure mecca for rentals, new products, and more. Their rental equipment categories include camping as well as climbing, cycling, and paddling. In the winter, you can check out their snow gear.

The retailer doesn’t offer camping gear rentals in Yellowstone, so you’ll have to ship your equipment to your home or destination. If there’s a REI near your hometown, you can pick up gear in-store before heading out on the road. 

The selection, without a doubt, is enormous. So, you’ll absolutely find the items you need and to your preferences.

REI offers two pricing tiers: one for members and another for non-members. If you would like the member pricing, sign up before renting the camping equipment. It only costs $20 for a lifetime, and you can get deals on used equipment. 

Rentals for basic backpacking kits include a two-person tent, and two sleeping bags, pads, backpacks, chairs, poles, headlamps, and a pocket stove kit. Pricing is as follows: 

First Day$127 (no deposit)$206 ($200 deposit)
Subsequent Days$27 per day$41

If you’re planning to go car camping in Yellowstone and Jackson, Wyoming, REI offers an affordable package that includes everything in the basic backpacking kit plus a cooler, camp stove and cook set, table and chairs, and a lantern. Pricing is as follows: 

First Day$114 (no deposit)$171 ($200 deposit)
Subsequent Days$27 per day$40

You can also rent individual items, from tents and sleeping bags to lanterns cookware. 

Keep in mind that the rental equipment available is specific to each store location. All stores don’t carry the same items simultaneously, so you may have to make a few phone calls to your preferred location and others.


  • Free membership has discounts and waived deposits
  • Large selection of gear available in packages or rented individually
  • Pick up at an REI near your home or ship to any U.S. destination


  • No stores in Wyoming
  • Non-members have higher pricing

There you have it. The best camping gear rental services near Yellowstone and Jackson Hole. Take a look at the camping checklist to make sure you got all the gear you needed.

Ben Wann- Tent Camping Expert

My name is Ben Wann, and I’m a lifelong tent camper and backpacker who jumps on every opportunity to get out and enjoy nature! I created this site to inspire others to get outside and to make the process easier for you.