Hello, fellow campers! How are you doing? Thank you so much for checking out Tent Camping Trips!

I created this site to share the things I have learned about camping and camping gear since I started in the 1990’s.

I hope to show that sleeping outdoors doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable or intimidating experience!

How I Got Started Camping

From an early age, my family has always been huge fans of camping and I have fond memories of tent camping trips all over the East Coast, mainly in the Mid-Atlantic area since I was raised in Southern New Jersey.

Naturally, we were involved in the Boy Scouts as we got older, as my dad had been when he was a boy. My 3 brothers and I (I’m the second oldest) loved the program and made lifelong friends and had incredible adventures over the years.

My Favorite Place to Camp- Asheville, NC

A few years ago, I went down for a long weekend camping trip in Asheville, NC near the Blue Ridge Mountains and had an incredible trip. We saw pristine wildlife, and incredible views, and found a place where nature was perfectly preserved for all to see and enjoy. I can still remember being amazed by the number of waterfalls, the wildflowers, and the sheer greatness of it all.

Since then, I have been back 4 times and am in the process of buying an accounting business in Asheville so I can camp there even more and join the local community. 

How I Want to Help Others in their Camping Journey

While I had a lot of fun on these camping trips, not everything was smooth.

And I know I’m not alone; many campers have had to deal with similar issues. That’s why I created this site to share many practical tips about camping and avoiding the pitfalls. If I can make your journey even a little smoother, I’ve realized my goal.

From those adventures, I also learned how important a good shelter is and how much it can impact your camping experience.

As I gained more knowledge, I thought, why not share it with more people? At tentcampingtrips.com, I want to cut through all the fluff from manufacturers and help you make the most informed decisions.

On top of that, I love trip planning and all the logistics that come with it. For many, it’s the most stressful and boring part of camping. But I’m invigorated by the challenge of fitting all the gear in a small car, booking the best campsites, and keeping track of all the details and costs. I’ve always been the one to take care of these things when camping in large groups.

On this site, I hope to make your life easier by offering the most practical advice on the internet regarding planning camping trips. You’ll have fewer headaches and more energy to enjoy the outdoors.

If you’ve read this far, I really hope you’ve been enjoying the content I put out. If you have any suggestions, fire them through! I’m always looking for ways to improve my site.

Keep camping,