Hello fellow campers! How are you doing? Thank you so much for checking out Tent Camping Trips!

I created this site to share the things I learned about camping and camping gear since I started in 2015.

I hope to show that sleeping outdoors doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable or intimidating experience!

How I Got Started Camping

I’ve always loved nature and the outdoors, but I actually didn’t start camping until I was in college. My family just wasn’t a big fan of activities that seemed to sacrifice comfort.

But everything changed when a friend invited me to go camping with a large group at Big Sur in California. I thought why not?

That experience blew me away. There’s nothing in the world like watching the sunset from your tent, stargazing at night, and waking up with the stunning cliffs and turquoise-blue waters right in front of you.

I knew right then and there that I’m forever hooked. It was a magical experience. No amount of comfort could rival such complete immersion in nature.

I’ve gone on many more camping adventures since then.

My Camping Experiences and Adventures

Lake Tahoe Camping

Lake Tahoe was my favorite place to camp given I was living in the Bay Area. I went at least 2 – 3 times per month during the summer (May to September) and have tried most of the campgrounds.

Over time, I became prepared for many unique challenges of camping in Lake Tahoe, such as the active bears and large temperature variations between day and night. I’ve actually seen a bear myself near Fallen Leaf Lake!

Weekend Backpacking Trip Through the Desolation Wilderness

As I gained more experience, I was ready to take on something more challenging that allows me to further immerse myself in the wilderness and get away from the crowds.

In the past 2 years, I’ve backpacked twice each summer in the Desolation Wilderness, arriving in Lake Aloha after a 13-mile hike.

Those trips were a lot more strenuous than car camping, and I learned about everything from wilderness survival skills to picking the right ultra-light gear.

I’m by no means an intense camper, but I’m constantly trying to push my boundaries.

Monthly Big Sur Camping During Colder Months

The great thing about California is that most parts of it never snow or get too cold. During the winters, I would drive along Hwy 1 and camp at Big Sur.

But it still gets chilly at night! So I had to learn how to insulate my tent or use a heater.

Recently I’ve moved to the Midwest. I can’t wait to explore Pictured Rocks and the Michigan forests this summer!

How I Want to Help

While I had a lot of fun on these camping trips, not everything was smooth. For example, my first time camping alone I didn’t bring a stove. I thought I could cook some steaks over the fire. But not only did the fire take me a long time to set up, it was also very small (like a can of Coke) and unstable.

I soon realized I made a rookie mistake. I had to pay for a restaurant meal and took home some uncooked steak that had started to go bad.

And I know I’m not alone; many campers have had to deal with similar issues. That’s why I created this site to share many practical tips about camping and how to avoid the pitfalls. If I can make your journey even a little smoother, I’ve realized my goal.

From those adventures, I also learned how important a good shelter is and how much it can impact your camping experience.

I first started with a 3-person tent at Walmart for $25. And let me tell you, it’s not the most comfortable shelter. There were no windows, so it gets burning hot during the summer, especially during the summer.

One time it rained, and I could feel my toes against the wet fabrics and rainwater leaking through the e-port. Where did all the “waterproof features” go? And this is not the only time I found a piece of gear not performing to what the manufacturer claimed they could.

For these reasons, I really dived deep to find the most comfortable shelter and sleep system out there over the past 5 years and became a bit of a nerd in it.

Are those more expensive ones really worth it? What differentiates one product or brand from another when there are thousands of options out there?

To find out, I’ve rented a variety of brands from Coleman to Marmot, from private-labeled sleeping pads off of Amazon to Therma-rest ultra-light pads. The prices range from $50 to $300+.

As I gained more knowledge, I thought why not share it with more people? At tentcampingtrips.com, I want to cut through all the fluff from manufacturers and help you make the most informed decisions.

On top of that, I love trip planning and all the logistics that come with it. For many, it’s the most stressful and boring part of camping. But I’m invigorated by the challenge of fitting all the gear in a small car, booking the best campsites, and keeping track of all the details and costs. I’ve always been the one to take care of these things when camping in large groups.

On this site, I hope to make your life easier by offering the most practical advice on the internet regarding planning camping trips. You’ll have less headaches and more energy to enjoy the outdoors.

If you’ve read this far, I really hope you’ve been enjoying the content I put out. If you have any suggestions, fire them through! I’m always looking for ways to improve my site.

Keep camping,