10 Best Foldable and Portable Hammocks

By Emma
best portable and foldable hammocks

After 12+ hours of research and a couple of debates, we found the MacSports Collapsible Portable Hammock to be the best foldable and portable hammock. 

If you prefer larger, traditional, swinging hammocks, the Vivere Double Hammock with Steel Stand is the best option. The Lavish Home 80-OUTHAM-BLK Portable Hammock is our top budget-friendly pick.

The MacSports Collapsible Portable Hammock won our hearts with a perfect combination of comfort and reliability. It is a heavy-duty model capable of standing the test of time. 

Furthermore, it is very comfortable, easy to set up in a couple of minutes, and reasonably portable. A removable canopy that provides generous sunshade is the icing on the cake. You can take a nap rest assured that you won’t get burned by the summer sun.

True, this MacSports hammock doesn’t swing. If that’s what you’re looking for, the Vivere Double Hammock will allow you to do it together with a companion! It is a great choice for outdoor and indoor use. One user said you’d forget about beds after sleeping in one of these.

If you’re looking for a budget option, the Lavish Home 80-OUTHAM-BLK Portable Hammock will fit the bill. It comes with a comfy and breathable canvas fabric. You’ll love how quickly it folds and unfolds. It’s worth every penny and then some.

Our list features a couple of more models that should meet everybody’s needs, hopefully.

If you want to know more about our evaluation process and how to choose the best foldable and portable hammock, read our comprehensive buyer’s guide, as well as a detailed FAQs section.

And even though foldable hammocks are great for lounging, mosquitoes can still be a bother. So check out our article on the best hammocks with mosquito netting.

Without further delay, here’s the list.

Best Foldable and portable hammocks – Top Recommendations

Best overall: MacSports Collapsible Portable Hammock

Best swinging hammock for couples: Vivere Double Hammock with Steel Stand

Best budget option: Lavish Home 80-OUTHAM-BLK Portable Hammock

Best hammock for taller and heavier users: Tranquillo SSRS Adjustable Foldable Hammock

Best hammock stand (without hammock): Kammok Swiftlet Hammock Stand

The best from the rest in no particular order:

MacSports Collapsible Portable Hammock

  • Easy setup (10%) – 8/10
  • Comfort (25%) – 8/10
  • Weight & portability (25%) – 7/10
  • Weight capacity (15%) – 7/10
  • Build quality & durability (25%) – 8/10

Best for: People who want a reliable folding hammock with sun protection; $$

Don’t you love falling asleep in a hammock? Yeah, it feels great unless it’s sunny and you get burned. The MacSports Collapsible Portable hammock will allow you care-free lounging. It comes with a removable sunshade to protect you from head to toe.

But, a canopy is just the final piece of a puzzle. This product shines in pretty much all departments to allow you to enjoy afternoons in your backyard, at the beach, or on camping trips.

A heavy-duty steel frame will provide exceptional stability while serving you for years to come. 

This is another, so-called bridge-hammock model. Unlike traditional hammocks that bunch up at the ends, bridge hammocks come with spreader bars at each end. 

You can find out all about both types in our comprehensive Buyer’s Guide.

The length of about 89 inches makes it comfortable for taller users as well. The package includes a soft removable pillow to choose the best position or take a nap.

It can withstand up to 250 pounds of weight which is more or less a typical weight capacity for the product.

I loved the canopy design. It is set by using telescopic poles hidden inside the frame. You just need to pull them out and attach the canopy.

Absolutely impressive user ratings say it all. Several users were skeptical about free-standing hammocks but fell in love with them, after purchasing this model.

The only shortcoming of this hammock is the weight. At 32 pounds it is somewhat heavy. Still, it is quite portable thanks to the wheeled carry case.


  • Removable canopy
  • Strong and stable construction
  • Can accommodate taller people
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Carry bag with wheels


  • On the heavier side (32 lbs.)

KingCamp Free Standing Hammock

  • Easy setup (10%) – 8/10
  • Comfort (25%) – 8/10
  • Weight & portability (25%) – 9/10
  • Weight capacity (15%) – 7/10
  • Build quality & durability (25%) – 8/10

Best for: those who want sturdy and stable but lightweight foldable hammock;$$

Usually, it is challenging to combine stability and durability with a lightweight design. The KingCamp foldable hammock somehow got it perfectly.

This model is very stable and strong thanks to its aluminum frame and steel crossbars. The fabric is a ripstop 300D (Denier) Oxford cloth. In simple English, it is strong, thick, and durable.

And the weight? At 14.3 pounds, it is one of the lightest foldable hammocks.

It is also very compact. It folds down to 32 x 6 x 6 inches.

Ergonomic design provides excellent support and helps relieve muscle tension. 

This KingCamp hammock has spreader bars on both ends to allow comfortable side sleeping.

Regardless of your favorite position, this hammock provides comfort. It is extra wide (31.5 inches) at the top, and it slowly narrows down to 25 inches at the bottom. So, your arms won’t hang over the edges.

With a length of 78 inches, it provides comfort for people up to 6’2”. A maximum weight capacity is 264 lbs.

A carry case can be folded and put in the pillowcase to serve as a pillow. The storage pocket is placed on the side of the hammock for easy reach.

So, this cool hammock is very comfortable, durable, convenient, and versatile. The only thing it can’t do is swing. If you can’t imagine lying in the hammock without a gentle swaying motion, you should look for another model.


  • Very lightweight (14.3 lbs.)
  • Aluminum frame with steel crossbars for exceptional stability
  • Wide for extra comfort
  • Carry case doubles as a pillow
  • Very compact when folded (32” x 6”)


  • No-swinging design

Mock ONE – Indoor Hammock Stand Portable Folding

  • Easy setup (10%) – 9/10
  • Comfort (25%) – 8/10
  • Weight & portability (25%) – 9/10
  • Weight capacity (15%) – 7/10
  • Build quality & durability (25%) – 7/10

Best for: people who want ultra-light and easy foldable hammock;$

Looking for a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-fold hammock? The Mock ONE Indoor Portable Folding Hammock fits your bill perfectly. 

To begin with, it’s one of the lightest models weighing 14.5 pounds. It is a freestanding and fully collapsible model. What’s more, if you’re handy, folding can take less than a minute! It’s realistic for anyone to do it in under 5 minutes. It is quick, simple, and easy.

Folded dimensions are 33 x 11 x 6 inches. Compact packed size, easy to set, lightweight to carry it – they’ve got it all covered.

Even though it’s called a hammock, it has a cross-over design between hammocks and cots. There are no sidebars, but you can’t swing in this hammock. Still, it’s very comfortable according to a vast majority of users.

The frame is made of steel. The fabric is thick, parachute-grade nylon. So, it should be quite sturdy and durable.

There’s also a small, removable canopy that covers the top section of the hammock. It provides a shade for your face on sunny days.

On the downside, it is not very long. Measuring 67”L x 25”W x 33”H, it is short for anyone over 5’6”. All users above this height will have their feet hanging over the edge. True, top and bottom bars are padded, so it won’t be uncomfortable if you’re just slightly longer than the hammock.

Several users have reported corrosion issues after short rainstorms. If you want to avoid the rust, fold it and store it away after each use.


  • Easy and quick setup
  • Very lightweight at 14.5 lbs.
  • Compact when packed
  • Convenient storage pocket with a cup holder
  • Sturdy steel frame and parachute nylon fabric
  • Small canopy to protect your face from the sun


  • A bit short for people over 5’6”
  • Can’t sway
  • It will rust if left outside all the time

Lavish Home 80-OUTHAM-BLK Portable Hammock

  • Ease of use (10%) – 9/10
  • Comfort (25%) – 7/10
  • Weight & portability (25%) – 8/10
  • Weight capacity (15%) – 7/10
  • Build quality & durability (25%) – 6/10

Best for: People who want a budget-friendly option that can swing;$

If you’re looking for a foldable hammock that swings without breaking the bank, the Lavish Home 80-OUTHAM-BLK Portable Hammock might be the best choice for you.

If you need a hammock for occasional use, you’ll probably want to save a few bucks by avoiding expensive models. This hammock is affordable, but it offers good value for money. The design allows you to swing, although just enough to call it swinging.

It is very easy to set it up. It folds and unfolds like an umbrella. Weighing 22 lbs, it’s not the lightest model out there. But, it is light and compact enough to be portable. 

A carry case measures 44 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches. It has padded shoulder straps to make it more comfortable for carrying.

The unfolded dimensions of 94” by 31” inches are quite generous. I like the extra width while you can’t use the full length due to the narrowing design at both ends. I’d say it’s long enough for people around 6 feet tall or less.

If you don’t like synthetic materials, this hammock is made of canvas. Canvas is heavier, but it is breathable and provides a more comfortable feel.

It should be more durable as well, although I am not sure that is the case here. Several users have reported poor stitching and fraying after a couple of weeks of use.


  • Easy to setup and takedown
  • Breathable canvas fabric
  • Aluminum frame
  • It swings
  • Affordable


  • Not the most durable model
  • Some users find it uncomfortable

Tranquillo SSRS Adjustable Foldable Hammock 

  • Ease of use (10%) – 8/10
  • Comfort (25%) – 8/10
  • Weight & portability (25%) – 7/10
  • Weight capacity (15%) – 9/10
  • Build quality & durability (25%) – 7/10

Best for: Taller people who want large and adjustable hammock $$

Being tall comes with some advantages but not so much when you choose a hammock. The Tranquillo SSRS Adjustable Foldable Hammock was designed to accommodate taller and heavier people.

What’s more, this hammock is adjustable in several ways to provide better positioning or even provide room for two persons. 

Firstly, it has a 3-notch design to customize the height. Then, a 2-layered polyester fabric can expand to offer more space. 

Also, there are stitched-in spreader bars near both ends. So, this hammock doesn’t narrow down at the ends the way traditional hammocks do. The design provides more space near the top and bottom parts. It makes the hammock more stable as well.

Nevertheless, spreader bars aren’t connected to the frame so you can rock and sway as you wish.

The length of the hammock is 108” so it will fit even very tall people. With a maximum weight capacity of 550 pounds, you don’t have to worry if you’ve gained weight lately.

While you should always prioritize functionality and quality, good looks won’t do any harm. This hammock is stylish and comes in a wide variety of colors.

On the downside, some users found it a bit awkward as it may sag too low in the middle. And if you adjust it to the highest setting it becomes too high to get in easily. 

Truth be told, a vast majority of users have had no issues with the clearance height and found the hammock comfortable and supportive. 


  • Large size. It can fit two people
  • Maximum weight capacity 550 lbs.
  • Sturdy and durable steel frame
  • Spreader bars prevent cocooning and maximize resting space
  • Customizable height


  • Some heavier users have reported that it sags too low under their weight
  • A bit heavy at 26 lbs.

Vivere Double Hammock with Steel Stand

  • Easy setup (10%) – 7/10
  • Comfort (25%) – 8/10
  • Weight & portability (25%) – 7/10
  • Weight capacity (15%) – 9/10
  • Build quality & durability (25%) – 8/10

Best for: those who want a hammock for two people;$$

Like to take a nap with a friend or partner? The Vivere Double hammock will fit the bill perfectly.

This Brazilian-style hammock offers great comfort and versatility. Brazilian style refers to larger and more curved, banana-shaped hammocks.

It is one of the most popular hammocks for a good reason. Besides quality, it offers a stunning number of colors, styles, and even several different fabrics. But, the basic design remains the same.

The fabric part is around 90 inches long while it is 47 inches wide at the widest part. The maximum capacity of 450 lbs will provide stability and support for two people.

The frame is made of steel and it weighs 35 lbs. It is a bit heavy, but it’s strong and easy to assemble.

I love the variety of materials. You can choose cotton for maximum comfort and a nice feel. Polyester is easy to clean and great to avoid mildew. Mesh will provide ultimate breathability. Sunbrella fabric won’t fade in the sun.

It’s also easy to set up and takedown. While it is on the heavier side, it is possible to combine the hammock with tree straps and avoid carrying a heavy frame on camping trips.

In all honesty, we couldn’t find any important shortcomings of this product. Yes, it will “cocoon” you if you lie in the center, but all hammocks of this type will do so. 

We’ve sifted through user reviews, but all we could find was like: “It will make you lazy!”, “It’s a life changer!”, and on, and on.

The ability to adjust the length and choose the fabric should allow you to make a perfect choice.


  • Large and comfortable
  • Come with several hook holes to make it more taut or loose.
  • Huge range of different colors and patterns
  • 4 different fabrics to choose from (cotton, polyester, sunbrella, and mesh)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be paired with tree straps


  • Fabric stretches a bit over time
  • It’s a bit wide for one person. Unless you lay diagonally you’ll be pretty much “cocooned” and the fabric will block your view.

Mac Sports H900S-100 Topnotch Camping Portable Folding Hammock

  • Easy setup (10%) – 9/10
  • Comfort (25%) – 7/10
  • Weight & portability (25%) – 8/10
  • Weight capacity (15%) – 7/10
  • Build quality & durability (25%) – 8/10

Best for: people who want affordable and compact folding hammock;$

You want a compact and reliable folding hammock without spending a fortune? No problem. The Mac Sports H900S-100 Topnotch hammock will fit your bill. 

It is an affordable model, but very solid and durable. This model is another cot-hammock hybrid with spreader bars at both ends. However, it has no sidebars like traditional cots. So, when you lie down in it, it feels like a hammock except that it can’t sway.

A heavy-duty steel frame makes it stable and strong. Also, the fabric is premium-grade soft nylon. So, it should be both comfortable and capable of enduring wear and tear.

A folding mechanism is very simple, much like a folding chair. So, you can set the frame up in a matter of seconds. Then, you just have to attach the hammock which is also quick and straightforward.

The hammock measures 71” by 33”. While the width is generous to rest your arms without hanging over the edge, the length is somewhat short. Well, at least for taller people.

The footprint is significantly smaller than the hammock size, so you can fit it into narrow spaces indoors or outdoors.

It packs down to 35” x 7” x 6” so it’s really compact. Weighing 18.7 pounds it’s lightweight and portable. Maybe not for hiking or backpacking, but it’s great for car camping trips.

For additional comfort, it comes with a built-in pillow and a large mesh pocket for storage.


  • Super-quick and easy setup
  • Lightweight at 18.7 pounds
  • Strong and durable
  • Very compact carry bag
  • Large storage pocket
  • Built-in ergonomic pillow


  • Not for people taller than 6 ft
  • It doesn’t swing

Kammok Swiftlet Hammock Stand

  • Ease of use (10%) – 8/10
  • Comfort (25%) – 8/10
  • Weight & portability (25%) – 8/10
  • Weight capacity (15%) – 8/10
  • Build quality & durability (25%) – 9/10

Best for: heavier users who want a portable and customizable folding hammock;$$$

This product is a little bit different than the rest. It is only a hammock stand while a hammock is sold separately. The exceptional quality is the main reason to include it.

Also, it is compatible with a variety of hammock brands and models. It perfectly fits Kammok hammocks like the Kammok Roo Single Hammock or Kammok Roo Double Hammock.

The aluminum frame provides strength while keeping the weight low. It is flexible so it distributes the weight on uneven surfaces.

All users up to 300 pounds can rest assured that the hammock will support them easily.

Aluminum doesn’t corrode, so you don’t have to worry if you leave it outdoors.

The setup is easy and intuitive. It weighs 17 pounds so with the addition of a hammock you’ll get around 20 pounds of total weight. A carry bag is padded and compact although a bit long, measuring 50 by 8.5 inches.

This model provides wonderful versatility. It comes with 2 different length bottom bars providing sitting and lying configuration. Moreover, there are 11 holes for attaching points on each arm of the frame. 

So, you can play a lot until you find the position that suits you best.

Dozens of users were impressed by how durable and versatile this hammock stand is.

On the downside, even though the maximum length of 96 inches sounds promising, it is short for people over 6 feet tall. It’s long enough for lounging but not enough for sleeping.


  • Lightweight
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Great maximum capacity (300lbs.)
  • 2 configurations (sitting and lying)
  • 11 adjusting points on each arm for the perfect hanging position
  • Rust-resistant frame
  • Flexible design allows stability on uneven surfaces


  • Not long enough for taller people (above 6 ft) 
  • Hammock not included

ENO Nomad Hammock Stand

  • Ease of use (10%) – 8/10
  • Comfort (25%) – 7/10
  • Weight & portability (25%) – 9/10
  • Weight capacity (15%) – 8/10
  • Build quality & durability (25%) – 8/10

Best for: camping trips in treeless areas;$$$

This is another hammock stand model. ENO is a renowned hammock brand often called “The Toyota of hammocks”. High quality, durability, and reliability always come with ENO hammocks.

Unfortunately, they don’t manufacture hammocks with stands, so you have to buy them separately. It is compatible with most ENO hammocks like the ENO SingleNest Hammock.

As the name suggests, ENO Nomad is designed with outdoor adventures in mind. It features a unique design. It looks like two four-poled pyramids connected with a thick and strong ridgeline pole.

While being unorthodox, the design provides exceptional steadiness. Whether you want to take a nap lying diagonally or want to swing, the structure will provide great balance and stability.

Yes, there are many poles in the package, but it is very easy to set it up or take it down.

Weighing only 15 pounds, it is very lightweight and portable. A compact carry bag (34” x 11” x 10”) only enhances the impression.

On the downside, it is not compatible with longer hammocks. Also, you can imagine that two pyramid-like stands can’t fit into narrow spaces. However, it is meant for outdoor use, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Ultra-lightweight (15 lbs)
  • Outstanding stability
  • Very compact when packed (34” x 11” x 10”)
  • Great weight capacity (300 lbs.)
  • Aluminum frame perfect for outdoor use
  • It is compatible with almost all gathered-end hammocks up to 9’4”


  • It takes a lot of space

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best portable and foldable Hammock

It is cool to take a nap in the hammock even if there are no trees around you. That’s what foldable hammocks do – provide more freedom to choose the location. But how to choose the best option?

This is what you should look for.


Portability won’t mean a thing if your hammock is uncomfortable. Check out the dimensions and user reviews to find out if it is a good match for you.

It is also worth checking out if the hammock is customizable. Adjustable hammocks will provide more versatility as well as more options to find a perfect position.

Hammocks come in a variety of styles and shapes that affect comfort. There are many divisions but all foldable hammocks can fit into two categories: gathered-end and bridge hammocks.

Gathered-End Hammocks

This is a traditional type of hammock. Whether it hangs between trees or on the frame, the design is the same. The fabric is bunched up at both ends of the hammock creating a characteristic curve. Think of a banana shape.

These hammocks can swing and provide great comfort once you find the perfect position. They are not suitable for side sleepers, though.

Bridge Hammocks

Bridge hammocks have spreader bars at both ends creating a sort of channel-like shape. This shape is suitable for side sleeping as well and you don’t have to worry about balancing to find the best position.

When it comes to foldable models, bridge hammocks often have a hybrid design between a hammock and cot. That’s because spreader bars are connected to the frame creating a firm structure that can’t sway.


Foldable hammocks typically have a steel or aluminum frame. Steel is strong but heavy. Also, it can corrode in contact with moisture.

Aluminum is strong but lightweight and flexible. It is more expensive, though.

Both steel and aluminum frames can be super-durable. Ultimately, it depends on build quality.

As for the fabric, commonly you’ll see canvas, polyester, and nylon hammocks.

Canvas provides a great feel and comfort. It is breathable and stretchable to a certain degree. However, it is heavier and prone to mildew. So, it is not suitable for wet climates.

Polyester and nylon have similar properties. Nylon is somewhat stronger but more expensive. Both materials are ultra-lightweight and mildew-resistant. They are also very easy to clean.

Look for thick woven fabrics if you want your hammock to last longer.

Weight Capacity

It’s a no-brainer, but don’t forget to check out the weight capacity. It should exceed your weight for at least 15-20 pounds to extend the lifespan of the hammock.

Hammock Weight 

The weight of the hammock affects portability. Foldable hammocks are mostly designed for car camping, backyard, pool, or beach lounging, so it’s not mandatory to look for the lightest models.

Still, the lighter the model, the more portable it gets.

Ultralight models will weigh around 15-20 pounds. 20 to 30 pounds is still decent while anything above 30 pounds is considered heavy.

Packed Size

The size of a folded hammock is equally important for portability. If it’s too bulky, it will be cumbersome to carry or store in the trunk of your car.

Check out the shape of the carry bag as well as additions such as shoulder straps or wheels for more convenient transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Foldable Hammocks are Better: With or Without Spreader Bars?

Both types have advantages and disadvantages. 

Spreader bar hammock benefits:

  • Spreader bar hammocks provide a flatter body position. They are equally comfortable for side and back sleeping.
  • Smaller arc makes it easier to get in or out.
  • It comes with a better view of your surroundings.

Non-spreader bar hammock benefits:

  • Non-spreader bar hammocks are more stable even though it’s counterintuitive
  • They are usually more compact and lighter
  • Generally, they are more comfortable for back sleepers

What Is the Most Comfortable Fabric for Foldable Hammocks?

Cotton or canvas provides the best comfort. It has a softer feel and it stretches just enough to allow molding to your body contours. It is also breathable and has insulating properties as long as it is dry.

Nylon and polyester hammocks can be very comfortable but they can’t match their canvas counterparts.

Is It Bad to Sleep in the Hammock Every Night?

You can sleep in a hammock every night as long as you maintain the correct position. It is easier than you may think.

The perfect position for sleeping is on your back with your head elevated at about 10%. You should also assume a diagonal position to avoid curving your spine. 

With zero pressure points, you’ll fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and better. A gentle swaying motion synchronizes brainwaves and leads to deeper sleep.

Can You Use a Foldable Hammock in the House?

Many people use hammocks inside their homes. It may look funny, but after a busy day at the office or after an intense workout, hammocks are perfect for relaxation or a quick nap. Once you get out of it, you can fold it and store it away.

Can You Carry Foldable Hammocks on Backpacking and Hiking Trips?

Commonly, foldable hammocks are too heavy for long walks or hikes. They need a sturdy construction to be foldable and it adds too much weight.

So, a traditional tree hammock is still the only option for backpackers and hikers.

Final Verdict

Portable and foldable hammocks will allow you to sleep or lounge anywhere even if there are no trees in the vicinity. And the MacSports Collapsible Portable Hammock is the best for the job.

What’s better than relaxing in a hammock? Lying in a hammock with a sunshade. The MacSports collapsible hammock is super-comfortable and it’s built to last. 

The Vivere Double Hammock offers an unmatched variety of colors and different materials to suit any environment. It is a rocking hammock that really rocks!

If you want to lie down in your hammock carefree if you’ll unintentionally fall asleep under the scorching sun, the MacSports Collapsible Portable Hammock with Canopy will meet your desires.

This comfortable and sturdy hammock is not the lightest one, but with the wheeled carry case, you’ll easily roll it anywhere.

We are pretty confident that you’ll find your best match on our list. Even if you have some specific personal requirements, now you know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

Go for it and get yourself a hammock. We are sure that once you try it, you’ll never want to go back.

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