6 Best Tent Cots for Camping [We Tested Them!]

After extensive research, we found the Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot to be the best tent cot available today. 

A camping trip is exciting, but a lot of things can go wrong. Sleeping on the ground certainly comes with its own set of challenges. 

The sharp rocks and branches may hurt your back, rainwater may pool under your tent, and critters on the ground may crawl in. 

Also, the closer you are to the ground, the colder you’ll feel. This will be a big issue when you are camping in cooler weather.  

Fortunately, buying a tent cot will solve all of these problems. Its elevation from the ground provides some much-needed comfort and insulation. 

We researched more than 10 popular tent cots on the market today to find the best one. We bought them, tested them, and cross-checked our findings with the reviews. 

Here are the 6 best tent cots: 

Let’s jump in. 

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

Best Overall; tall campers’ choice

Are you looking for a tent cot that’s spacious, waterproof, easy to set up, and versatile? The Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot checks off all of these boxes. 

There will be a lot of room for a solo camper. It measures 32 inches wide and 90 inches long. Unless you are over 6’ 8”, you should be able to stretch out easily while having plenty of extra space for your gear or furry friend.

Of all tent cots on this list, this is the easiest one to set up — it should take you less than 5 minutes, even if you’ve never done it before. 

The tent fabrics and cot are connected to the same folding frame through a hinged design. So simply unfold, attach a few straps, and you’re set: 

You can also turn it into a lounging chair by folding down only one side. 

This tent cot is practically ready for any weather. It comes with a full-coverage rainfly and taped seams, which will keep you dry during the worst downpours. 

And with a steel-aluminum frame, it will hold its shape in the strongest winds. In fact, people said they were able to sleep very well in 50mph+ rain storms!

During our testing, we also found the fabric to be pretty thick and the frame quite sturdy. So we believe this product will last for a long time. 


  • Intuitive setup under 5 minutes
  • Fully waterproof with rainfly
  • Meshed windows and walls for great ventilation 
  • Spacious enough for a very tall person and his gear
  • Durable fabrics and frames 
  • Can use it as a tent, a cot, or a chair
  • Fits into its carry bag easily
  • Plenty of storage pockets that are easy to reach
  • Comes with padding so that you don’t feel the bars underneath 


  • Hard to carry for more than 1,000 ft at a time given the size and weight; may want to have someone to share the weight for hike-in sites  
  • A little pricier than similar tent cots on the market

Outsunny All-in-One Portable Camping Cot

Best for: occasional campers who want something very convenient and affordable

Wow, the Outsunny All-in-One Portable tent cot included everything at an incredible price.

You get the whole sleeping system along with the tent cot. This includes a 4-inch air mattress, a mattress cover, a sleeping bag, a pillow, and even a pillowcase. 

What’s more, is that you know everything would fit together perfectly — no more air mattress that’s too big or a pillow that’s too wide. 

And you’ll carry around fewer items since everything fits into one big carry bag.

The sleeping bag it comes with is good for the summer, but be prepared to bring additional blankets for camping in colder weather.

The tent itself offers a lot of headroom with the dome design, but space will be tight if you are over 6 feet tall. And weirdly, the tent isn’t attached to the cot in any way, so it may fall over.

Compared to the premium Kamp-Rite tent cot, the Outsunny one isn’t as waterproof or bug-proof. It’s also suited for less frequent use. 

But all in all, we still highly recommend the Outsunny tent cot based on how convenient and affordable it is.  


  • Inclusive package with an air mattress, sleeping bag, and pillow 
  • Easy to set up and take down in under 15 minutes  
  • Huge door for easy entry and exit
  • The air bed can be secured to the tent so that it doesn’t slip around 
  • Versatile – can use tent and cot separately
  • Has a separate carry bag when you use only the tent 


  • Designed for sunny weather; would likely leak in heavy rain
  • Length of 76 inches — might be too short if you are over 6ft tall
  • Not bug proof with no mesh 
  • The bottom of the tent doesn’t attach to the cot, so it may fall off or slip around

Kamp-Rite Original Tent Cot 

Best for: smaller campers who liked the Kamp-Rite Oversize but don’t want all that space

Like the Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot, the Kamp-Rite Original is easy to set up, extremely waterproof, durable, and versatile. 

With the hinged design, it will be ready as your shelter in as little as two minutes. And after a few simple folds, you can have a lounge chair. 

Harsh weather won’t be a problem, either. With a full rainfly, it won’t leak even in heavy rainstorms. 

But there’s one key difference — the Original is smaller. At 28 inches wide and 84 inches long, it’s the standard tent size for one person. 

If you are over 6 feet tall, you’ll have little room for your gear. So we still prefer the Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot. 

If you’re a smaller person and don’t need the extra space to stretch out or store your gear, the Kamp-Rite Original is perfect for you. You will save some money but still get something comfortable and sturdy. 


  • Simple setup with folding design 
  • Won’t leak in heavy rain with the rainfly on 
  • Excellent ventilation with large panels of mesh 
  • Made from durable materials
  • Multi-use 
  • More affordable


  • Not as roomy; tall people would probably want more space

Yescom Folding Single Tent Cot

Best for: those who want a bit of extra space while keeping costs low

The Yescom Folding Single Tent Cot is a great option in between the Kamp-Rite Oversize and Kamp-Rite Original. 

At 84.5 inches long and 31.5 inches wide, it’s shorter and narrower than the Kamp-Rite Oversize but 3.5 inches wider than the Original. The Yescom also has more headroom with a domed ceiling. 

It’s also very waterproof with a separate rainfly. But we found that it can get very hot inside the tent with the rainfly due to poor ventilation. 

We really like the interior storage options, though. You get more mesh pockets on the walls and near the windows. There’s also a lantern hook on the ceiling and even a strap for hanging towels. 


  • Generous width and ceiling height
  • Waterproof with rainfly
  • Easy setup under 5 minutes with a hinged design
  • Relatively affordable 
  • Plenty of interior storage options
  • Versatile 
  • Comes with some padding for more comfortable sleep 


  • Stuffy with the rainfly on 
  • Less durable zippers

Kamp-Rite Compact Extra-Large Double Tent Cot

Best for: couples who regularly camp in cold and rainy weather

Nothing will ruin a camping trip like a leaky tent. Who likes to spend hundreds of dollars on a shelter but still get soaked? Well, that won’t happen with the Kamp-Rite double tent cot. 

The tent comes with a rainfly that covers it from top to bottom! This is pretty uncommon among regular tents, let alone a tent cot. 

But does it actually work? The answer is yes! People said the tent has kept them dry even during heavy rainstorms. And it’s quite wind-resistant with the classic dome shape. 

The tent fabric is also very thick and durable. It’s labeled as heavy-duty 210 D, while most tents are between 75D to 150D. You can read more about different tent materials and durability here.  

A minor tradeoff is that there will most likely be condensation inside the tent with the rainfly on. But this happens with pretty much all tents. 

And the setup is as easy as it sounds. You can put up both the tent and cot within 15 minutes, even if you’ve never done it before. With some practice, you can do it in 5 – 10 minutes.


  • Fully waterproof with top-to-bottom rainfly and taped seams
  • Elevation from the ground protects you from rough surfaces, rainwater, and any critters 
  • Large enough for 2 normal-sized adults
  • Durable materials  
  • Tent and cot can be used separately
  • Classic dome tent style
  • Easy setup under 15 minutes  


  • A sidebar in the middle (vertically) may be uncomfortable unless you have a pretty thick sleeping pad or mattress

Tangkula 2-Person Outdoor Camping Tent Cot

Best for: couples who usually camp in good weather and want to get everything in one simple package

Maybe you don’t have all your sleeping supplies ready but still want to go camping. If so, check out the Tangkula 2-Person Outdoor camping tent cot

You will pay the price of one tent cot but get everything you need to sleep outdoors. The package includes: 

  • An air mattress (about 4 inches thick)
  • A mattress cover  
  • 2 sleeping bags
  • 2 blowup pillows
  • Pillowcases that fit

You can take these items on many camping trips, and you don’t have to use them with this particular tent cot.

So it’s definitely a great deal, but it’s not perfect. Be prepared to purchase an electric pump. 

The included foot/hand pump is pretty weak. We found it takes 15 – 30 minutes to fill up the entire mattress. That’s a lot of exercise after a long day outdoors. 

The sleeping bags are pretty thin but sufficient for any summer night.

The manufacturer claims that it sets up “in minutes.” But we think that might be too optimistic. 

If you look closely at the cot, you’ll see that it’s not a 100% folding design. So you’ll need to assemble some bars. We estimate it’ll take the average person 20 – 30 minutes to set up, and that’s excluding the time it takes to blow up the air mattress.

But all in all, it’s an excellent option for the price considering how many items you are getting. 


  • Includes air mattress, sleeping bags, and pillows for maximum comfort and convenience
  • Meshed windows provide great ventilation
  • A high elevation of 18 inches makes it very comfortable
  • Tent is more than 50 inches tall, which is quite roomy 
  • Waterproof in light rain 
  • Versatile — can use the tent and cot separately
  • Carry bags comes with wheels  


  • Might be too short for people over 6 ft
  • May take a while to blow up the air mattress — the foot pump isn’t very adequate
  • No separate rainfly; may leak under heavy rain 

Why Buy a Tent Cot? Any Caveats?

As much as you want to enjoy nature, many things can ruin a camping trip. Buying a tent cot with elevation from the ground eliminates some of these issues upfront: 

  • Rainwater pooling under your tent cot will never be able to get inside. Combined with a rainfly, you are basically guaranteed to stay dry.
  • No more annoying critters getting in from under your tent.
  • You won’t feel any rough surfaces like you might in a tent.
  • You can sit as you would in a chair; no more back pain
  • Easy entry and exit

Plus, most tent cots are easier to set up than tents! Just remember to choose a level area. Otherwise, the cot won’t stand properly and will be blown over easily.

That being said, tent cots aren’t perfect. 

You likely won’t find anything larger than a 2-person capacity. In contrast, you have virtually unlimited size options for tents.

And tent cots are pretty heavy with all the metal frames, so forget about taking them backpacking.

How to Choose a Tent Cot

There are lemons out there. Here are some key factors to consider to choose the best tent cot for yourself: 

  1. Size & weight limit 
  2. How waterproof is it?
  3. Is it easy to set up?
  4. Can you use it as more than a tent cot? 
  5. How high is it? 
  6. Will it last?
  7. Can you transport it easily?

Number of People & Weight 

It goes without saying that you want a tent cot large enough to fit everyone in your group. Despite the numerous advantages of tent cots, they are limited in terms of size. 

The vast majority are designed for either 1 person (single tent cot) or 2 people (double tent cot). Some single tent cots are quite roomy with lots of space for your gear. 

But double tent cots will be pretty tight with two adults. So read the dimensions and be prepared to store your gear under the cot.  

Weight limit is another consideration. For example, if a tent cot has a maximum weight of 200 lbs, it will be pretty limiting for a tall person. 

We recommend looking for a weight limit above 220lb for a single tent cot and above 350lb for a double tent cot. Adjust based on your weight. You want a bit of a buffer so that you aren’t testing your gear to its limit. 

Is it Waterproof?

This is a big one. You don’t want to wake up soaked in your tent. 

Unfortunately, many tent cots don’t come with a rainfly and will only keep you dry in light rain. It’s hard to make a single-wall shelter that’s 100% waterproof. 

But don’t be discouraged. You can fix this quickly by spraying your tent with waterproof spray and applying some seam sealer before you go. 

Of course, the best solution would be to get a tent cot with a full rainfly, like this one from Kamp-Rite.

Having a separate rainfly also helps with ventilation. This is because the inner walls could now be made from mesh as opposed to water-resistant fabrics. 

Ease of Setup

No one likes to spend 30 minutes setting up their shelter at the end of a long day. 

Cots with a folding design would be the easiest in this regard. Simply unfold, and you’re done within minutes. 

Other cots, however, require you to insert parts of the frame. And depending on the design, the fabric may need to be extremely taut, making the process harder for you. 


Who wouldn’t want to get 3 products with the price of one? Some tent cots offer exactly that. 

You can use them as a lounger, a chair, a flat cot, or even a tent. But not all tent cots are like this, so be sure to shop around. 


This is an easily overlooked feature, but the height of the tent cot matters. 

How much gear do you want to store underneath? How much extra space would you have inside the tent?

A taller tent cot also tends to be more comfortable because it allows you to sit up on your sleeping pad/air mattress like you would on your bed. Most higher tent cots are no less stable.

Durability & Stability

Do you want to spend your hard-earned money on something that breaks after 1 to 2 uses? If not, look for tent cots made from durable fabrics and frames.

The higher the denier, the stronger the fabric. Oxford fabric is especially tear-resistant since it’s much thicker than the typical nylon or polyester. 

Steel frames will be the sturdiest, but other metal frames can be great too. I’d avoid wooden ones since they break more easily and can be affected by rainwater. 

Ease of Storage and Transport 

Would you be driving to your campsite or hiking in from a parking lot? 

If it’s the latter, weight is a factor to consider. Tent cots can weigh anywhere from 10 pounds to more than 40 pounds. You may want to think about how you’ll carry it to your campsite. 

And how big is it when folded? Can one person carry this for some distance, or is it too bulky? A smaller one would also take up less space in your trunk and storage.

Final Verdict 

All in all, we found the Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot to be the best tent cot.

Since buying it for testing, I’ve used it on many camping trips, and it has never failed me. After a long day outdoors, I just love how I can set it up in minutes. 

At 5’11”, I still find a lot of extra space for my gear. It’s also wide enough for me to roll around while sleeping. 

And it’s as waterproof as the best tents on the market, keeping me dry in the worst rainstorms. 

You can also count on the quality and build to last for years. What more could you ask for?

Ben Wann- Tent Camping Expert

My name is Ben Wann, and I’m a lifelong tent camper and backpacker who jumps on every opportunity to get out and enjoy nature! I created this site to inspire others to get outside and to make the process easier for you.