12 Best Canvas Tents for Every Type of Camper

After extensive research, we found the best canvas tent to be the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe. 

So you want to pick the best canvas tent for your next camping trip?  

No worries. In this article, we will tell you all about the top choices and much more. 

When you’re looking for home-like comfort in the outdoors without compromising on weather resistance, canvas is a great choice. However, with so many options in the market, choosing the right tent can be a challenge for the uninitiated.

That’s why we have shifted through the top products in the market to compile this comprehensive review. After hours of research, connecting with real users, and filtering through the technical specifications, we have marked the best choices right here for you. 

In this article, we will include

Let’s get down to business.

Top Recommendations

Here’s a quick look at the top choices.

Best overall: 

Best canvas tents for 1-4 people

Best canvas tents for 4-6 people

Best canvas tent for 6-10 people

If you are curious about how we selected these tents, check out our complete buyer guide on how to choose a canvas tent.

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe

Best For: A rugged tent great for camping in rough weather; $$

One thing that really stands out for tents from Kodiak Canvas is the excellent price to performance ratio. The flex-bow deluxe is no exception.

What’s special about the flex-bow?

It has a tempered steel frame that’s extremely sturdy and keeps the tent taut in rough weather.

What most reviewers appreciated is the best-in-class durability. The wall and ceiling material is 100% cotton duck canvas with a special hydro-shield coating. On the floor, 16 oz vinyl. polyester is reinforced and seamless.

Given how thick the canvas material is, this would be a great tent for tackling sandstorms and providing insulation in cold weather. It’s also quite breathable, but in humid conditions, it’s best to keep the 4 windows open for maximum airflow.

That being said, the design means wind would put more strain on the tent in stormy conditions. Also, this isn’t a freestanding tent. So make sure to stake it securely through all the anchor loops, especially in bad weather.

And given the quality, this is one of the heaviest tents in this category. So if you’re looking for something light and compact look elsewhere.

Beyond that, users loved the large awning (72”x78”). It allows you to set up a chair right outside the door. Kodiak has also added a mesh gear loft and a detachable wall organizer for storage. A nice touch.

In terms of capacity, the interiors are spacious and cozy enough to keep 6 people comfortably. There are two large D-shaped doors and four large windows. 

Reviewers also liked the relatively straight walls of the tent that makes it roomy. But is it easy to set up?

Probably not. 

Considering the design, the wind load can be high in case of a storm. So even if this tent isn’t made for extreme weather, make sure all the tent stakes are properly secured and the guy lines are tight. Since this is a heavy tent, setting up does take an effort.

Also, first-timers can get confused about the right method of arranging the poles. We recommend you read the instructions carefully and take some time to set this tent up.

All in all, the Flex-bow is a real delight for pro campers. Overall, a classic canvas tent that we wholeheartedly recommend for car-camping or hunting expeditions.


  • Weatherproof sealants for additional protection in rough weather
  • Generous 6’6″ ceiling height
  • Stainless steel, wire stake loops
  • Top-grade YKK zippers
  • Twin funnel-flow vents for ventilation
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Heavy with a large packed size
  • Not the easiest tent to pitch
  • Not for queen-sized mattresses

Kodiak Canvas Swag Tent

Best For: Solo car campers looking for something light and durable; $$

For solo travelers looking to get cozy in the wilderness, this canvas tent from Kodiak is a fantastic option. 

At a first glance, what stands out is the design. Kodiak calls it the ”sleep system” and it’s versatile enough to be used on the ground or on a pickup bed.

Taller individuals will have no problems with the size. It’s 6’8″ long and close to 3’ wide. That provides sufficient floor area to spend a comfortable night. To add to the comfort, it also comes with a foam mattress with a removable cover. 

Most users found the durability and comfort levels to be great. Thanks to the top-grade 8.5 oz cotton duck canvas with hydra-shield coating for waterproofing. The floor material is waterproof  16 oz vinyl polyester that’s also resistant to punctures.

Despite being so waterproof, it didn’t sacrifice any breathability. So condensation is never an issue here.

The poles are lightweight and durable thanks to the use of aluminum alloy. The heavy-duty zippers add to the overall reliability.

What we also loved is the excellent flexibility of this tent. Wanna sleep under the stars? You can easily fold up the top cover for that. 

The other thing users liked about this tent is the easy assembly and packing with a carry bag. And a bonus is that it weighs just 17.5 lbs. That makes it light enough for short hikes.

However, this is a 3-season tent, so it’s not the best choice for snowy conditions and high altitudes. Kodiak has not mentioned any wind rating. So we wouldn’t recommend it for stormy conditions either.

All in all, this bivy stands out with its tough-as-nails build quality and excellent comfort. Considering the price tag, no wonder the users found it a great value for money choice.


  • Good waterproofing
  • Cinch straps to compress into compact shape when rolled
  • Windows have awnings for rain protection
  • Open-cell polyurethane foam mattress for better comfort
  • Comes with a doormat


  • Not for snowy conditions
  • Only for solo travelers

Whiteduck Avalon Canvas Bell Tent 

Best For: Glampers looking for a premium camping experience; $$$

We have always appreciated the quality and durability of the Whiteduck tents. The Avalon is no exception. It’s a premium-grade canvas tent cozy enough for large groups.

First off, it comes in three different sizes, all of which are very spacious. The 13’ version is good for 6 campers and large enough for 3 glampers with all other gear. There’s a large door and ample headspace for taller individuals.

Most reviewers have praised the material quality and the superb waterproofing that this tent offers. Even in heavy rains, the interiors stayed bone dry. That’s because Whiteduck uses 10.10 oz. “Army Duck Canvas” canvas fabric with a double fill. 

Once seasoned, the canvas is completely waterproof and offers top-notch insulation. The reviews also mentioned the excellent breathability of the fabric. With 10 windows and roof vents, the interiors remain airy in hot and humid weather.

Users also appreciated the durability and the tent’s ability to withstand strong winds. The center pole and frames are made from heavy-duty galvanized metal and the edges are double stitched for durability.

But that’s not all…

Whiteduck also uses a shock-absorbing grounding system that helps the tent to withstand rough weather conditions.

Besides, the heavy-duty polyvinyl groundsheet can be zipped on and off. Once you zip it off and roll up the walls, you have an open canopy to enjoy those summer evenings.

Let’s not forget this is a heavy tent. So while setting it up is simple, it will be difficult for a single person to get the job done.

On the whole, the Avalon is a great 4-season tent for glamping or multi-day hunting trips. It’s pricey, but considering the features and the superb quality, it’s a great investment.


  • Mold & UV resistant finish on fabric
  • The environment-friendly waterproof finish is free from perfluorinated chemicals 
  • Built-in silicone-coated stove jack
  • UV resistant reflective ropes
  • No-see-um bug mesh on doors and windows
  • Available with a fire-retardant finish
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • A high price tag
  • It’s a heavy tent

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow VX Tent 

Best For: Summer camping in tropical climate; $$$

In reality, the Flex-bow VX is an advanced version of the Flex-bow Deluxe. However, the VX has large triangle windows on both ends, replacing the funnel flow vents of the Deluxe. The result is better ventilation and extra open space for more visibility.

Beyond that, it comes with the same bombproof durability and the flex-bow design. To deliver solid support from all ends, there are ⅜” steel rods and galvanized steel tubes.

Other features that users loved in the Kodiak Deluxe remain the same here. The material is cotton duck canvas with a Hydra-shield coating. Well, what does that mean? 

Basically, duck canvas has a thicker weave with a higher thread count. That makes it highly resistant to wear. The special silicone-based Hydra-shield coating provides excellent waterproofing without compromising breathability.

Most reviewers praised the features and functionalities of the tent. The interior remains spacious with twin D-shaped doors and a 72’x78’ awning. Not to forget, there’s a gear loft along with organizer pockets.

Keep in mind, the VX comes in two sizes- 10’x10’ and 10’x14’.

Note, this is a 4-season tent that offers excellent weatherproofing. That said, Kodiak doesn’t mark this as a tent for extreme cold weather or heavy snowfall.

The support design is ingenious and once you get the hang of it, setting up this tent is easy. However, with just two poles to hold it up, proper staking is a must.

Fair enough, but what about the weight?

To be honest, this ultra-rugged beast is very heavy. Including the hardware, it’s close to 80 pounds. That’s one sacrifice you need to make for the great design and excellent comfort.

Also, the VX is pricier than the Deluxe. In the end, if you want a more airy tent with windows on all four sides for summer camping, go for it.


  • Reinforced vinyl polyester floor for waterproofing and wear-resistance
  • Generous interior space
  • Heavy-duty steel stakes
  • Top-grade YKK zippers that are rustproof
  • No-see-um mesh on all six windows
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Very heavy to carry around
  • Not the easiest tent to pitch

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

Best For: Small families looking for the right balance of comfort and roomy interiors; $$

If you’re looking for a 4 season tent for a small family, the Regatta is an excellent choice. 

Why so?

Quite simply, it packs some premium features with the top-notch build quality. What’s more, users have found it extremely comfortable.

To start with, the tent is made from a special Dynaduck fabric. Basically, it’s army-grade duck cotton with a water-repellent coating. It’s resistant to UV rays and molds. Also, the canvas fabric is fire repellent.

The frames and pegs can withstand heavy loads, thanks to the heavy-duty galvanized steel used. The guy ropes made with polypropylene are UV resistant. We loved that they are reflective in nature.

With a height of 10’ and a wall height of  2’7″, the Regatta is large enough for taller individuals.  As per the user reviews, condensation is never a problem with this tent. There’s a door and 3 windows with premium-grade bug mesh.

Beyond that, there’s a silicone-coated 5” stove jack that allows you to cook inside. It’s made from fire retardant material to ensure safety.

Overall durability is top-notch. The accessories include pegs, pins, a rain cap, and a rubber mallet. A waterproof carry bag is also included. The seams are double-stitched with reinforced corners. No wonder buyers have praised the waterproofing in their reviews.

Whiteduck uses a special shock-absorbing grounding system that can withstand wind speeds of 30-40 miles/hour.

Coming to the downsides, this is a heavy tent. At close to 70 pounds, it’s best suited for car camping trips. Also, the high price tag doesn’t make it the right option for budget buyers.

On the whole, this super-durable canvas tent got a big thumbs up from our team of experts from almost every aspect. We recommend it wholeheartedly to all outdoor lovers.


  • Sewn-in 7.5 oz PE groundsheet
  • Excellent waterproofing
  • An outlet for electrical cable
  • 3-way waterproof zippers
  • Metal rope tension adjusters
  • 4 roof vents and multiple utility pockets


  • It’s a pricey option
  • A heavy tent
  • Takes some time to set up
  • Only 1-year warranty on workmanship

Dream House Canvas Family Camping Bell Tent 

Best For: Occasional camping trips and backyard fun sessions; $$

The Dream House Bell tent is a great choice for adding a touch of luxury to your wilderness trip. Campers and hunters looking for additional creature comforts on the next trip will dig it.

First of all, it’s super spacious — roomy enough to hold queen-sized mattresses. Note, the tent is available in three sizes. So you can choose based on your glamping needs.

Now, this is a 4-season tent. There are 4 windows and 4 ventilation holes for airflow. Moreover, the side walls can be rolled up for better air circulation. In addition, there’s also a stove hole.

But can you count on it to keep you dry? Without a doubt, yes. 

As per the buyer reviews, it’s very unlikely to leak in the rain. Made from 285 gsm beige cotton canvas with a hydrostatic head of 3000mm, it can easily withstand moderate showers. The groundsheet is of 540 gsm PVC with a hydrostatic head of 5000mm.

Note, it’s strong enough to withstand 30 miles/hour winds. That’s because the center and door poles are made from galvanized steel tubes. Also, the material is double stitched and the corners are reinforced.

And another thing…

Unlike many other canvas tents, this tent is easy to set up. Once you get used to it, assembly time is around 15-20 minutes

That said, it isn’t without a few downsides. Firstly, it’s on the heavier side of the scale. The 6-meter version weighs more than 100 pounds!

Next, a few user reviews mentioned the plastic pegs aren’t of the best quality.  Considering the price tag, we wish Dream House would have provided heavy-duty metal stakes. 

Lastly, this isn’t the best tent to use in super rough weather or for tackling heavy snowstorms.

All in all, even with a few drawbacks, the Dream House bell tent is a solid investment for glamping enthusiasts.


  • Offers excellent standing height
  • Screen mesh on doors and window
  • Perfect for large families
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Comes with detailed instructions
  • A good quality carry bag included


  • The 3-meter version comes without a stove hole
  • Not the best choice for rough weather
  • It’s very heavy

Danchel Outdoor Cotton Canvas Yurt Tent

Best For: Family glamping trips and backyard parties; $$

To be honest, the Yurt tent from Danchel Outdoor is nothing exceptional. However, it combines some of the best features of canvas tents to offer a great package. 

You may wonder how. 

Firstly, it offers excellent durability and breathability because of the 285GSM canvas material. Once seasoned, the waterproofing is excellent too. To prevent water from getting inside, it comes with a tub-style design and a 4-inch raised section all around.

Many reviewers have pitched this tent on rough surfaces and were impressed by the ruggedness of the material. The floor is protected by a heavy-duty PVC groundsheet. 

Next, this is a great choice for 4-season use, The material offers 3000mm waterproof and can withstand 0.8-inches of snow. It can also withstand wind speeds of up to 30 miles/hour.

However, it isn’t the right tent for extreme weather. You need to buy a rain fly for better wind and water protection.

Quite a few users have used this for winter camping and were satisfied with the level of warmth it offers. Besides, it comes with two stove jocks protected by outer flaps. 

And another thing…

Weighing just 44 lbs, it’s one of the lightest 3-person canvas tents in this category.

With a 10’ diameter, it’s not the largest canvas tent out there. But it’s cozy enough for a small family to enjoy the outdoors with the right level of comfort.

Users loved the look of the tent and the overall ease of setting it up. With a large door, 4 windows, and 4 roof vents, the airflow is very good. The walls can also be rolled up to make it an open canopy.

That said, a few users mentioned the zippers and the mesh material felt cheap. Besides, there aren’t any interior storage options, which are useful and quite standard in a bell tent.

Lastly, the fabric isn’t categorized as fireproof. So make sure to take the right safety measures while using a stove inside this tent.

To sum up, this is a well-designed tent that’s great for glamping. Above all, the affordable price tag makes it a value-for-money pick in this category.


  • Looks and feels luxurious
  • Good waterproofing in moderate to heavy rains
  • The groundsheet can be separated 
  • 4 roof vents for better ventilation
  • Fiberglass fabric around stove jackets
  • An affordable price tag


  • Not the best stitching quality
  • Best for 3 persons
  • Only one year warranty

Playdo 4-Season Canvas Bell Tent

Best For: Small families on a car camping trip; $$

The Playdo 4-Season Canvas Bell tent is quite versatile — a great choice for small families as well as large groups with size options of 3 and 7 meters.

The first thing that most users liked is the spacious interior with a generous roof height. They are comfortable in this tent even after storing all the gear.

What’s more, the weatherproofing is great. The 300gsm canvas fabric is specially treated for waterproofing and works great in the rain. It also offers good insulation in low temperatures.

Now, the 3-meter version weighs around 43 pounds. Considering how it’s best for 2 persons, it’s on the heavier side of the scale. The 7-meter model weighs a whopping 132.3 lbs!

Some users have also mentioned that the tent withstood 40 mph winds without an issue. The galvanized steel supports and metal stakes offer the right level of stability. Still, we wouldn’t recommend it for extreme weather conditions.

Coming to the ventilation, there are 4 windows and air vents at the top. The canvas material is very breathable and condensation isn’t an issue. Bonus feature – a power cable inlet.

A few reviewers also praised the Playdo customer service and their prompt response in case of any queries. That’s one aspect that we appreciate from any brand.

The tent isn’t without a few cons though. A few users mentioned that it isn’t the best choice for tackling snowy conditions. Quite simply, the central pole isn’t designed for taking heavy snow loads.

Also, the guy lines are slippery and require periodic tightening, especially in windy conditions.

Considering the affordable price tag, we feel that this tent offers good value. But if you want premium features, there are better options.


  • A durable bottom floor with zipping
  • Quality materials can withstand thundershowers and moderate winters
  • 5” stove pipe vent at the top
  • Top grade SBS zippers
  • A-frame door and 4 windows with screen
  • The walls can be rolled up


  • Not ideal for snowy conditions
  • Needs long stakes for fixing
  • It’s extremely heavy

Unistrength Canvas Bell Tent

Best For: A big group of friends or outdoor parties for kids; $$

This is another classic bell tent that has been highly rated for its durability. The Unistrength tent comes in 4 sizes- 3,4.5 and 6 meters.

Most reviewers praised the roomy interiors and the overall versatility of the tent. With multiple sizes available, you can pick the right one per your requirement. It can easily accommodate a bed, tables, a stove, and other items required for glamping.

What’s more, the material quality is top of its class – you can expect it to last many years. The roof and walls are made from 300gsm canvas. The roof material is specially coated to offer UV and water resistance. There’s a special PU coating on the walls.

To top it off, all the seams are double-stitched and reinforced for extra durability.

On the face of it, the overall build quality is rugged too. The groundsheet is 540 gsm ripstop PVC and can be detached from the walls with a zipper. The center pole is a 19mm diameter galvanized steel tube.

That said, some users did find water leaking in case of heavy rains. There were also instances of the center pole bending under heavy snowfall.

Strictly speaking, this tent is good enough for light to moderate rain storms only.

Next, pitching the tent is simple. Even with the high weight, most users were able to set it up with one person.

The users also found the airflow inside the tent to be great. The 4 windows and 4 vents at the top do a great job of keeping the interiors cool in the summer heat. As usual, you can roll up the walls for a 360-degree open view.

Now, some reviewers mentioned the carry bag was on the smaller side. Moreover, the supplied pegs aren’t long enough to offer sufficient grip on wet ground.

Overall, the Unistrength bell tent is a good choice for all-year camping at an affordable price.


  • Excellent breathability and insulation
  • 5”  stove hole at the top with a fire-resistant cloth
  • Electrical wire inlet
  • Long-lasting 40gsm white net on doors and windows
  • Double-sided SBS zippers


  • It’s a heavy tent
  • Limited 1-year warranty
  • The setup instructions are vague

TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Bell Tent

Best For: Hunters looking for all-season comfort; $$

The Sierra from Teton Sports is perfect for large groups heading out for a hunting or camping trip. Note, this tent is available in 12’ and 16’ sizes for groups of 10 and 12 people respectively.

As expected from a bell tent, the interior is comfortable and offers excellent airflow. The oversized A-frame doors and 4 windows add to the airy feel. The windows and doors come with mesh screens but are designed to keep out rainwater.

Check this out:

The zip-away floor can be easily removed to turn the setup into a canopy. Just unzip the floor and roll up the walls to turn the tent into a perfect gathering place for the family.

Users loved the bulletproof durability of this tent. The natural canvas material (heavy-duty 19 oz. interwoven polymer) used on the floor will stand up to years of abuse!

Not only does it feel durable, but reviewers also found it to be steady in strong winds and heavy snowfall. The welded floor seams and the upper seams will protect you even in the roughest weather conditions. The users also found no issues with the waterproofing even during heavy rainstorms.

That said, make sure to season the canvas fabric when you first get it before using it in a heavy rain shower.

On top of all that, setup is super easy even with one person — the center pole and door pole would be up in no more than 15 minutes. The hardware quality is top-grade and the metal frames feel durable.

Like any tent, the comfort levels will depend on the number of occupants. We like how Teton Sports have marked the comfort capacity and the camp capacity separately. For the 16’ model, the comfort capacity is 8.

In a nutshell, the Sierra is a solid option for anyone looking for a top-grade bell tent with an affordable price tag. 


  • Tall floor height
  • Three weatherproof top vents
  • Power cord outlet
  • Durable metal friction locks on guy lines
  • A limited lifetime warranty


  • It’s heavy
  • Single chamber lacks privacy

TETON Sports Mesa Canvas Tent

Best For: Pro-campers looking for the best comfort in the wilderness; $$

The Teton Sports Mesa is truly built for hunters and family camping trips in the wilderness. It comes in 6 and 8 person variants and, without a doubt, is one of the best options in this category.

Why is this so?

A quick search will tell you that the Mesa has received some rave reviews because of its ruggedness and reliability. The cabin-style design is made from 100% cotton canvas that prevents any water from entering. The material has also been weather-treated for extra toughness.

Users also liked the dual doors and large windows that keep the interiors well ventilated. Also, it can handle heavy winds like a champ, thanks to the sturdy steel supports.

We loved the attention to detail in this tent. The seams are reinforced and come with double stitching. There are six storage organizers with multiple pockets for the interior. The built-in awning is another great feature.

Believe it or not, the awning also has gear loops for attaching solar panels! There are two e-ports on both sides for smooth connectivity. 

Many reviews also mention how easy this tent is to set up even by one person. Teton uses a T-1 top bar that’s easy to lock with two support pins.

While the interiors are spacious and tall enough for moving around, the comfort capacity of the tent is less than the camp capacity. For example, the Mesa 14 has an 8 person camp capacity. But the comfort capacity is limited to 6 persons. 

That’s one point to keep in mind before choosing the size.

Honestly, it’s hard to find fault with the Mesa. One thing is, portability isn’t the best. It’s a heavy tent and the carry bag is on the smaller side.

Bottom line: the Mesa is a solid performer that offers great value to adventurers.


  • Durable 19 oz. interwoven polymer on the floor
  • Weather-treated canvas repels water better
  • High-quality carbon steel stakes
  • Extra-wide doors for easy access
  • Built-in vents ensure great airflow
  • Dual overhead storage options with stabilizing drawstring
  • A lifetime warranty


  • It’s a heavy tent
  • No stove vent provided

WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

Best For: Glampers and family campers looking for an exclusive safari tent; $$$

The main reason campers like wall tents are the straight walls and plenty of headroom. Add to that the excellent quality and durability of the Whiteduck, and you have a winner.

The Whiteduck Alpha comes in a variety of sizes that make it a versatile choice for medium and large groups. 

Many first-time campers have mentioned the “amazing” experience they had while using this tent in a cold or wet climate. Let’s take a look at the great features it offers.

There’s top-grade Dynaduck fabric with a water and UV repellent coating combined with galvanized aluminum poles that offer solid stability. Besides, all the metal brackets are powder coated and feel rugged.

Note, some users were able to use it even in heavy snow. The proprietary design with bungee cords absorbs shocks to resist rough weather conditions. 

This tent also has a storm door and three-layer storm windows with polyvinyl flaps. An additional feature is a sod cloth that is attached to the tent base and extends up to 8” beyond the floor.

One more thing that users loved is the great support from Whiteduck customer service. Kudos to Whiteduck for that.

What about the downsides?

It’s a heavy tent that requires 2 or 3 people to set up. Also, considering the price, we wish it came with a rain fly.

All in all, the Alpha is a great luxury tent for 4 season use. We have no second thoughts about marking it as one of the best options in this category.


  • Built-in silicone-coated stove jack
  • Double-stitched seams with reinforced edges
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel pegs
  • Polypropylene ropes with a reflective coating
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • A high price tag
  • Set up takes some effort
  • No rainfly

How to Choose the Best Canvas Tent

When it comes to choosing tents, the first thing you need to decide is the material. Now, this is where the canvas versus nylon debate gets hot. 

Honestly, both the materials have their own pros and cons. So why choose canvas?

Let’s take a quick look at what makes it special.

  • Canvas tents are thicker and offer more protection from the sun. At the same time, they are less damaged by the sun’s UV rays and last longer.
  • Since canvas is a breathable material, these tents allow moisture to escape. That means less dampness and condensation inside the tent.
  • Canvas tents are thicker and offer better insulation. Hence they take more time to heat up on a hot day. Likewise, they retain heat for longer periods.
  • Once the canvas material is properly seasoned, the cotton fibers tighten up to ensure excellent waterproofing. 

Now that you know what makes the material special, it’s time to choose the best canvas tent.

The only problem?

With a wide range of canvas tents in the market, it can get pretty confusing first-time buyers. So here are the major points to help you make the best choice.

The Tent Type

Canvas tents come in a variety of styles. The design you choose will depend on your preferences and camping requirements. Here’s a quick look at some of the major types.

Pup tent

This is a lightweight tent best suited for solo travelers. It’s easy to erect and comes at a cheap price.

Wall tent 

As the name suggests, this tent has four vertical walls and a roof supported by multiple metal frames. It’s spacious and intended for long-term use. Wall tents are often used in base camps for multi-day expeditions.

Bell tent

These are circular tents with a diameter ranging between 10 to 25 feet. They can accommodate a large group of 4 to 6 people. The design also makes them highly resistant to strong winds.

Cabin tent

These tents are great for a family camping trip. They often come with dividers that ensure the privacy of the occupants. These are often used for a car camping trip rather than hikes.

The Tent Dimensions

No matter the type of tent you choose, make sure to check the overall height and floor area meets your requirements. Bell tents are the tallest option with an average height of 10 feet in the center. Keep in mind that the height will be much lesser near the side walls.

When it comes to the tent floor area, you need to consider the number of occupants and the volume of gear that will be stored. For groups requiring more comfort, a spacious tent will be a good choice. 

As a thumb rule, you can consider 25 to 30 square feet for each person. Kids will require less space. But they grow up fast. A tent with a 10’ diameter can fit 3 people comfortably. For 5 or 6 people, tents around 13’ to 15’ works well.

The Weight Factor

At this point, you realize a thicker canvas material will be more durable in the long run. The reason being, the thicker the material, the higher is the tensile strength. That makes it more resistant to tearing.

For this reason, canvas is measured in grams per square meter (gsm) or ounces per square yard (oz/sq. yd). Usually, canvas materials are heavyweight and over 350 gsm.

That said, the thickest material may not be the best choice for everyone. The thing is, every camper has different needs.

While choosing the thickness, keep in mind a thicker tent will be a lot heavier. If you’re an ultralight traveler, a less thick material will be a better choice. Larger tents weighing close to 100 pounds are best suited for adventure vehicles.

We suggest you choose a canvas tent that packs easily inside a duffle bag. That will make carrying it around and storing it a lot easier. For example, the WHITEDUCK Regatta comes with a waterproof carry bag for easy handling.

The Hardware Quality

Canvas tents need support and that makes the quality of hardware supplied with the tent extremely important. Quite simply, you don’t want your tent poles eaten up by rust after a few months of storage.

If you’re planning to head for remote terrains where snowstorms are common, choose thick and durable metal poles. The reason being, the extra load of a few inches of snow on the tent roof. For that aluminum and steel poles are popular choices.

Bamboo poles are also a great option as they are lighter and much cheaper. But are they durable?

You bet! In fact, bamboo is a great eco-friendly choice for handling lighter loads.

Other than that, the stake pegs should be of good quality. That will allow you to use them on rocky and hard ground without risking bending failure.

You also need to check the quality of the guy lines that will secure the tent. The ropes should be of good quality with a minimum thickness of ¼ inches. They should be reflective for better visibility at night. Also, the sliders provided with the ropes should be made from top-grade metal.

Similarly, you need to keep the doors and windows of the tent secure at all times. So make sure that the zippers of the tent are of good quality. For the best quality, choose from two of the best zipper brands- SBS and YKK.

Ventilation points

Even with its high breathability, a canvas tent will need a few windows. This will help in the circulation of the air and prevent the inners from getting hot and stuffy. This is even more important while camping on those hot summer days.

Make sure that all the windows come with a mesh screen to keep out bugs. Some bell tents even allow you to roll up the tent wall for more ventilation.

Tent stitch Quality

Honestly, I have seen many users overlooking the stitch quality of the canvas fabric. Too bad! 

A tent that leaks in the middle of a rainy night can be a big hassle. 

It’s best to pick tents with double stitching as single stitching tends to wear out faster. The best quality threads are waterproof and UV resistant to last longer.


The truth is, canvas tents are expensive. Their price can range between $200 to $1400 depending on the size and quality. Usually, products less than $300 will be on the cheaper side. And watch out for the discounts.

Like everything else, you need to pick a canvas tent that offers the right bang for your buck. The good news is there are quality products that offer a great price to performance ratio.

Since the tent is the most important aspect of your camping trip, choosing a cheaper option and compromising quality isn’t the right option. So pick the best available quality within your budget. The fact is, canvas tents can last a long time and deliver great value in the long run.

Once you go through our reviews, you’ll find the right choice within your budget.

Final Verdict

There you have it. We have listed the best canvas tents in the market to help you pick the right one.

Honestly, picking the top ones from so many options wasn’t easy. But at the end of the day, we strive to deliver the best and most accurate information to help you out.

In terms of overall performance, the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe emerged as the top pick. It’s an easy-to-pitch canvas tent that has a robust build quality and modular storage features. 

Overall, a great choice for families out for camping and friends on a hunting trip.

Campers looking for extra space and added comfort can also pick the Whiteduck Alpha tent. Being a full-size wall tent, it packs some great features along with top-notch material quality.

Yes, it’s pricey. But you’ll get an exclusive experience in return.

We hope this review will help you to make the next camping trip more memorable.

Now that you know all about canvas tents, it’s time to give it a go.

Ben Wann- Tent Camping Expert

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