9 Best Camping Shower Tents — Stay Fresh in the Remotest Campsites!

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best camping shower tents

After 15+ hours of research, our team decided that the Core Instant Camping Utility Shower Tentis the best camping shower tent. 

Just because you are heading for a camping trip, doesn’t mean you have to forgo the daily shower.

The truth is, nothing freshens you up like washing away the muck and dirt after a long day on the trail. A right shower tent is a multifunctional unit that will allow you to stay fresh even in the remotest of campsites.

We went through all the specifications, reviews and gathered expert opinions to pick the top three options.

The Core Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent is our numero uno choice in this category. It’s solidly built, the setting time is within 60 seconds, and a dual-room design with an 84-inch ceiling height offers adequate space. Beyond that, you also get a 5-gallon shower bag with a shower head.

For those looking for an affordable option, we recommend the WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent. It has spacious interiors and the durable polyester fabric comes with a UPF 30+ rating. At 4.3 pounds, it’s super light and the pop-up design makes it easy to use. And when you consider the price tag, it’s a real no-brainer.

The Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent is our third choice with a generous 6′ 10.7″ top height and a weight of just 5.5 pounds. The easy-to-assemble pop-up design and excellent storage options make it a user-friendly choice.

And speaking of staying clean, we have a detailed guide on 13 backpacking hygiene tips. These apply to car camping too.

Best Camping Shower Tents – Top Recommendations

Product HeightNumber of RoomsWeightSet up Shower bag placement Price Level
Core Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent 84- inchesTwo17.75 poundsInstantInside$$$$
WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent74.8- inchesOne4.3 poundsPop-UpOutside$
Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent82.7- inchesOne5.5 poundsPop upOutside$$
GigaTent Pop Up Pod tent69 inchesOne3.3 poundsPop upOutside$
NEMO Heliopolis Privacy Shelter84 inchesOne7 pounds. 12 oz.TraditionalOutside$$$$
Texsport Instant Portable Shower tent 87 inchesOne3.9 poundsTraditionalInside$$
G4Free Camping Shower Tent86.6 inchesOne10.5 poundsTraditionalInside$$
KingCamp Oversize Shower Tent83 inchesTwo16.9 poundsTraditionalInside$$$
Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Privacy tent6.75 feetOne13.02 poundsInstantOutside$$$

If you want to learn more about how we selected these options, check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide as well as the FAQs section.

Core Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent 

  • Portability (30%) – 6/10
  • Durability (30%) – 9/10
  • Features (20%) – 9/10
  • Space (10%) – 9/10
  • Ease of Use (10%) – 9/10

This tent from Core comes with a high price tag. The question is- is it worth the price?


It has quite a few features that definitely add to the overall convenience.

The best part about this shower tent is that the interior space is divided into two rooms. That means you can use one room for showering while keeping the other one dry for changing or for using a camp potty.

The interiors are spacious and tall users will love the 84-inch ceiling height.

The outer fabric comes with special coatings that offer 50+ UV protection. In addition, it also has a silver coating for complete privacy.

One feature that users appreciated is the padded floor with mesh around the edges. This allows water to drain off and keeps the interior dry. 

The mesh roof ensures ventilation and comes with a separate canopy.

Bonus feature: the PE foam below the feet also adds to the comfort factor, especially when the tent is pitched over rough ground.

Next, you get a design that ensures an instant setup. Core mentions the setup time is 60 seconds only!

The steel frame comes with telescopic poles that are pre-attached to the outer fabric. Just a few simple steps and you have the tent ready.

That’s not all…

The tent also includes a 5-gallon handheld solar shower. For storage, you get two towel bars and storage pockets.

For additional privacy, the doors come with a zipper lock. This prevents people from opening the tent from outside when it’s in use.

The only downsides we noted were a relatively large packed size and a high weight of 17.75 lbs.

To sum up, if you have the budget, this is one of the best shower tents you can choose, period.


  • Spacious interiors with dual rooms
  • Super easy to set up
  • Padded floor with mesh lining
  • Includes a handheld solar shower


  • It’s pricy
  • Portability isn’t the best

WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent

  • Portability (30%) – 9/10
  • Durability (30%) – 8/10
  • Features (20%) – 9/10
  • Privacy Level (10%) – 8/10
  • Ease of Use (10%) – 9/10

Without a doubt, this product from WolfWise is one of the most popular choices in this category.

But is it really that good?

To be honest, the overall features of this tent left us impressed. 

For starters, the interior dimensions are spacious and the large door allows easy entry. For ventilation, there’s a zippered window.

The polyester fabric comes with a UPF 30+ rating for UV protection. The anti-tear fabric is water repellent and all the seams are taped for enhanced durability.

The frame is made from galvanized steel. You can expect it to last for years without failing.

Users loved how easy the tent is to set up. With a pop-up design, there’s no need to make time for an assembly. Taking it down is also simple.

At first glance, the small stakes that come with the tent didn’t look robust. But surprisingly, most users found the stability of the tent to be top-notch. Some users also mentioned that it can withstand 50mph guts without a sweat.

Another plus is the ultra-lightweight design that makes it easy to carry. With a weight of 4.3 pounds and a carry bag, it’s one of the most portable shower tents in this category.

Besides, the tent is a versatile option for outdoor activities. You can use it as a shelter for dressing or changing clothes and also for activities like fishing.

Any downsides?

One thing is, there’s no shower hook for hanging the hose. Beyond that, some users found folding up the tent to be cumbersome. 

Keep in mind, it isn’t designed for hanging a shower bag. But at this price point, we weren’t expecting that.

Overall, when it comes to price versus performance, this shower tent from WolfWise is a real winner.

We had no second thoughts about marking it as one of the top choices.

Note, there are two other versions of the tent. The two-person version comes with two rooms that can be used separately. The XL version comes with a larger height and is a better choice for taller people.


  • Good durability
  • Easy to install
  • Fabric with UV protection
  • Comes with a storage pocket and hang rope
  • Ultralight design


  • Center height is limited
  • Comes without a floor

Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent

  • Portability (30%) – 9/10
  • Durability (30%) – 7/10
  • Features (20%) – 9/10
  • Space (10%) – 8/10
  • Ease of Use (10%) – 9/10

Time to talk about the elephant in the room. This shower tent from Green Elephant comes with some impressive features and a pocket-friendly price tag.

The tent has a steel structure, and the outer fabric is polyester-coated PU that’s water-resistant. Most users were satisfied with the craftsmanship and also with the quality of the zippers.

Some users also mentioned that it withstood 30mph gusts like a champ when staked properly.

The dimensions of the tent impressed us. At 6’10.7”, it’s one of the tallest in this category. The interiors are spacious enough for large individuals. It can also accommodate a portable toilet easily.

The other thing that we liked is that it’s easy to set up. The pop-up design allows you to set it up in a few minutes. 

That said, some users found folding it up a bit difficult. Watch a few videos to get used to the process and you will find it much easier.

At 5.5 pounds, it’s also on the lighter side of the scale. With the given carry bag, the overall portability is good.

And the best part is, there are 4 bonus sandbags that can be used to weigh it down. That’s not something we see in other tents of this price category.

What we also liked are the excellent attention to detail. There are separate clothes and towel hangers, a toilet paper holder, a flashlight hanger, and a storage pouch.

On the downside, a few users mentioned the tent fabric gets frayed with prolonged use. So long-term durability can be an issue.

Frankly, we feel that this shower or toilet tent offers excellent value and performance. Overall, it’s one of the top choices in this category.


  • Spacious interiors 
  • Mesh roof offers excellent ventilation
  • Full range of accessories
  • Includes heavy-duty metal pegs and rain cover


  • Not tall enough for shower bags
  • Some users found it difficult to fold

GigaTent Pop Up Pod tent

  • Portability (30%) – 9/10
  • Durability (30%) – 9/10
  • Features (20%) –7/10
  • Space (10%) – 7/10
  • Ease of Use (10%) – 8/10

This is another shower tent that checked most of the right boxes for us. GigaTent claims to offer excellent value with all its products. And this tent is no exception.

In terms of dimensions, the tent is spacious enough for an average-sized user. But the height of 69 inches doesn’t make it the best option for tall users.

That said, it can easily accommodate a 5-gallon bucket.

The outer fabric is high-quality polyester taffeta with a water-resistant coating. It comes with a steel frame that feels robust. 

Despite the robust structure, GigaTent surprised us with the weight of the product. 

It weighs just 3.3 pounds!

With the supplied bag, portability is top-notch.

Next, in terms of time to set up, this is one of the speediest tents you can pick. The pop-up design makes it super easy to pitch. 

However, users noted that it’s not so easy to fold up. We felt that after some practice, you can fold it up within 3-4 minutes.

The tent comes with stakes and guy lines that add to the stability. Even with the lightweight design, it stands strong in windy conditions.

Besides, the low price tag makes it a fantastic option for budget buyers.

But it’s not without a few cons.

The tent doesn’t come with an option for ventilation and the interiors can get stuffy. There are no openings for connecting a showerhead either.

Overall, this is a good choice for outdoor lovers who are looking for a cheap but reliable option.


  • Stable and durable
  • Pop up design
  • Ultralight with excellent portability
  • Offers excellent value


  • Not ideal for tall users
  • Folding it up needs some practice

NEMO Heliopolis Privacy Shelter

  • Portability (30%) – 7/10
  • Durability (30%) – 9/10
  • Features (20%)- 9/10
  • Space (10%) – 9/10
  • Ease of Use (10%) – 8/10

The Heliopolis from Nemo not only sounds unique but also has some great features and excellent durability.

And we think the name comes from the fact that it’s compatible with the Helio series pressure showers from Nemo.

Is it spacious?

You get 16 square feet of space and a ceiling height of 84 inches. We feel it’s big enough for larger individuals.

The tent has a frame made from lightweight aluminum poles. The tent fabric is a combination of 75-denier polyester and mesh.

Also, the fabric has a water-resistance rating of 1500 mm. All the seams are welded.

Users found the durability to be top-notch. With all the stakes in place, it was also stable enough to resist strong winds.

Most users found setting up this tent to be simple. But it doesn’t have a pop-up design. Packing it up isn’t so easy, but you can manage it with some practice.

In addition, Nemo has also packed some great features in the tent. 

For example, there’s a PE floor with mesh drains. The large screen window adds to the ventilation without affecting privacy.

And the best part is, Nemo has included a battery-powered light with a carabiner clip for hands-free use. That’s makes it easy to use after dark.

Other features include a towel rack, storage bag, toilet paper holder, and a door locking mechanism.

Honestly, we loved the attention to detail.

With a weight of 7 lbs. 12 oz. the Heliopolis isn’t too heavy. But it’s not ultralight either.

The one thing that acts against it is the high price tag. If you’re looking for an affordable option, look elsewhere.


  • Spacious interiors with tall ceiling
  • Top-grade materials
  • Freestanding structure
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • It’s pricey
  • Shorter users might find it difficult to set up

Texsport Instant Portable Shower tent 

  • Portability (30%) – 8/10
  • Durability (30%) – 8/10
  • Features (20%)- 9/10
  • Space (10%) – 9/10
  • Ease of Use (10%) – 8/10

This shower tent from Texport doesn’t look special. But when you add up all the features, it’s one of the best options in this category.

First of all, the tent is made of top-grade materials. The walls are high-quality polyurethane coated taffeta and the structure is made from chain-corded steel poles.

The polyethylene floor isn’t the most comfortable but the rip-stop material makes it highly durable.

Users mentioned that the tent can withstand heavy showers and strong winds without any issues.

The entire structure is sturdy enough to hold an overhead shower bag. A 5-gallon solar camp shower is included in the package.

Then again, the interior offers plenty of room with a generous 87-inch ceiling height.

However, with the shower bag attached, you will have to bend down to wash your head.

We found this tent to be one of the best in terms of ventilation. It has two windows and four roof panels. All of these are covered with no-see-um mesh.

Even the rainfly has skylights for better visibility.

To be honest, this isn’t the simplest shower tent to set up. But the design is intuitive, and with some practice, it can be managed within 6-8 minutes.

For storage, there’s a removable hanging towel bar that can be reached through a window.

With a weight of just under 4 lbs., the portability is good too. Users also liked the quality of the carry bag.

That said, the quality of the shower bag isn’t the best. Some users complained of leaks. Also, the zippers could have been more robust.

In any case, this shower tent offers great value and performs better than it looks. We have no qualms about recommending it to frequent campers.


  • Spacious interiors 
  • Rustproof steel frame
  • Flame retardant design
  • Excellent ventilation


  • The shower bag hangs low
  • Some users found the assembly to be difficult

G4Free Camping Shower Tent

  • Portability (30%) – 7/10
  • Durability (30%) – 6/10
  • Features (20%)- 8/10
  • Space (10%) – 9/10
  • Ease of Use (10%) – 8/10

If you’re looking for a well-designed shower tent, this product from G4Free has some great features.

The tent comes with a sturdy ferric frame that can hold a 4-gallon shower bag. The outer material is 210T polyester with an anti-light silver coating.

Users noted that the construction is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds.

There are two mesh windows for additional ventilation. The windows also have a rain cover.  The removable Velcro floor is abrasion-resistant.

The interiors are spacious enough and the tall users appreciated the 86.6-inches of ceiling height. Even so, hanging a shower bag will reduce the top clearance.

And take note…

This isn’t a shower tent that’s super-easy to set up. While the process isn’t difficult, connecting the poles and the fabric takes some time.

There are plenty of storage options. There are interior storage bags, outside and inside storage ropes, and even a Velcro attachment for the showerhead.

With a weight of around 10.5 pounds, this isn’t a lightweight tent. But car campers shouldn’t have problems with the weight.

However, some users faced issues with the durability of the structure. The connectors in the poles may break easily.

All in all, the tent offers a practical design but isn’t the best in terms of durability. If you aren’t a frequent camper, you can check it out.


  • Spacious interiors 
  • Can hold a shower bag
  • Adequate storage options
  • Good ventilation


  • Not easy to set up
  • Some issues with durability

KingCamp Oversize Shower Tent

  • Portability (30%) – 7/10
  • Durability (30%) – 8/10
  • Features (20%)- 9/10
  • Space (10%) – 9/10
  • Ease of Use (10%) – 8/10

If you need a shower tent for two people, this product from KingCamp is worth a closer look.

With a combination of steel and fiberglass poles along with 190T polyester fabric, the tent offers excellent durability. It’s designed to support a 3.9-gallon water bag.

In addition, there’s a removable rain cover with a 1500mm waterproof rating.

Users mentioned the structure was sturdy enough to withstand thunderstorms.

The interior space is divided into two rooms and is large enough to accommodate two adults. 

But we were disappointed with the ceiling height of 83-inches. More so since the overhead space reduces once you hang a shower bag.

When it comes to assembly, it isn’t as easy as a pop-up tent. But the process isn’t difficult either.

Besides, the mesh roof and the mesh side windows ensure excellent ventilation.

What’s more, KingCamp has added tons of storage space to the tent. There are inner and outside pockets, an inner rope, a top hook, and a side hook for attaching a showerhead.

As expected, the large size of the tent makes it heavy. Even with the durable carry bag, it’s not exactly a portable option at 16.9 lbs.

What else?

Some users were not satisfied with the customer service. That’s one area that needs improvement.

Considering the price tag, we feel that this oversize tent offers good value. Still, we wish it came with the capacity to hold a 5-gallon shower bag.


  • Spacious interiors for two adults
  • Durable materials
  • Comes with stakes and nylon ropes
  • Supports a water bag


  • It’s a heavy tent
  • Poor customer service

Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Privacy tent

  • Portability (30%) – 7/10
  • Durability (30%) – 9/10
  • Features (20%)- 8/10
  • Space (10%) – 8/10
  • Ease of Use (10%) – 8/10

Admittedly, Lightspeed has done a good job with the design of this tent. 

To start with, the polyester fabric and steel frames provide a robust support structure. With the stakes and guylines fixed, the tent can withstand strong winds. The fabric is PU coated for 800 mm of water resistance.

To be honest, it’s one of the best shower tents in terms of weather resistance.

But Lightspeed doesn’t mention the weight of the shower bag it can support. We wouldn’t suggest hanging heavy water bags from it.

You get 25 square feet of inner space. It’s spacious enough for comfortable use. However, the height is limited at 81-inches.

The tent comes with telescopic poles and a compression hub that ensures a quick setup. We were impressed by the quick setup time.

There are two windows on the roof for ventilation. The interiors have pockets for storing items and a towel strap.

Users also praised the customer service. That’s one point we appreciate.

The tent weighs 13.2 lbs. and comes with a carry bag. Considering the size. it could have been lighter.

Other than that, a few users faced issues with the durability of the plastic connectors.

If you want a wide shower tent that offers top-notch reliability, this is a solid option. 

But considering the high price tag, we expected a few more features in it. That puts in behind our top picks.


  • Spacious interiors 
  • Sturdy support structure
  • Removable floor
  • Easy to set up


  • Issues with durability
  • Doesn’t offer the best value

How to Choose the Best Shower Tents

Even though we have selected our top three choices, the best shower tent is one that meets your specific requirements. However, there are a few points that you need to keep in mind while buying one.

Take a look.


Shower tents come in various sizes. It’s best to choose a tent that offers ample space for easy movement. If you need a tent with dual rooms, there are options available.

Also, check the center height of the tent. It’s a pain for tall campers to take a shower under a showerhead that’s fixed too low. Picking a tent with a tall height will improve the overall user experience. 

Ideally, the minimum height of shower tents should be 84 inches. With tents of lesser height, you will need to hang the shower bag outside.

However, tents with larger spaces are usually more expensive. So, check your budget and don’t pick a size that you won’t need.

The size of the tent will also determine its weight. If you’re planning to pack light, a larger tent will add to the weight. Keep the portability factor in mind before making a choice.

Design and Setup

A shower tent should provide the right amount of privacy. Check the design to ensure that it meets your requirements. Features like a zipper lock can add to the overall feeling of security.

To be honest, you don’t want to pick a shower tent that’s too complex to set up. The process of setting up and folding down should be simple and shouldn’t need any special effort. The best option is to check the manufacturers’ video about the setup procedure.

Basically, the ease of setting up a tent depends on the design. It’s best to choose a pre-assembled or foldable tent that’s easy to handle. Pop-up designs are also a good option.


You don’t want to pick a shower tent that will break apart after a few uses. Check the quality of the tent fabric and support structure to ensure that they will last. If you’re planning to use a shower bag, make sure that the tent structure can support it.

The tent fabric should be waterproof and abrasion-resistant. We will also suggest picking a UV-resistant fabric that will last longer.


A shower tent with sufficient storage options is more user-friendly. Bars or hooks for hanging towels and clothes are a must. In addition, look for storage pouches to store other important items when you are showering.


A tent without the right amount of ventilation can get hot and steamy, especially on a sunny summer day. There should be mesh windows that ensure airflow. Some tents also come with a mesh roof which is a good addition.

Floor Design

If you choose a shower tent with a floor, there are two options- fixed and removable. Fixed floors offer good protection against bugs but aren’t good for draining water quickly. Removable floors are better for draining water and also offer a good airflow. But they may not be effective against bugs.

Shower Tent FAQs

What is the best shower tent for camping?

For us, the Core Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent emerged as the best choice when you’re looking for the best performance at a pocket-friendly price. If you want a bigger space and premium features, check out the Core Instant Camping Utility Shower tent.

How do you use a portable shower tent?

The shower tents come with a simple structure and a single chamber that can be used for showering or for setting up a portable toilet. A few other models also come with dual chambers for showering as well as changing. 

There are openings at the top for connecting the showerhead with the shower bag. Some tents allow you to hang a shower bag, while the bag has to be placed outside for others.

What should I look for in a shower tent?

There are quite a few points to look for while picking a shower tent. These are size, design, durability, and ease of setup. Please check the buying guide section for details.

How do you install a shower tent?

These tents are installed just like normal tents but the process is much simpler. Many of the units come with a pop-up structure and are freestanding. You need to use the stakes and fix the guylines to keep the structure steady.

How do I fold a shower tent into a circle?

Not all shower tents can be folded into a circle. That depends on the structure of the tent and the folding mechanism. Check out the manufacturer’s videos to find out the exact folding process.

How much water is needed for a camp shower?

Actually, that depends on the showering time and the flow rate of the showerhead. Normally a 10-minute shower requires 30 gallons of water. However, the volume required is much less while camping. Most camping showers can only hold 5 gallons of water. We feel that a shower head with a flow rate of 1.2 to 1.5 gallons per minute is good enough for camping.


We have added everything you need to know before choosing the best shower tent.

Our top choice, the Core Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent comes with extra space and a premium build quality. A great choice for your next car camping trip.

The WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent is a real winner in terms of price to performance. An ultra-lightweight design with excellent durability makes it a great outdoor companion.

Lastly, the Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent is a well-designed product and is jam-packed with accessories. It’s a perfect private space no matter where you are heading.

So go ahead and make your choice.

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