6 Best Campfire Cooking Tripods For Delicious Meals

By Emma
best campfire cooking tripods

After 12+ hours of research, we found the Stansport Cast Iron Camping Tripod to be the best campfire cooking tripod.

Do you love the smoky flavor of the food cooked over a campfire?

If so, picking a campfire cooking tripod is a must. But, picking the best ones from a wide range of products in the market isn’t so easy.

To help you make the best choice, we have outlined the top six campfire cooking tripods in the market. As usual, we went through the details of each product to compare its performance against the competitors.

As our top pick, we have the Stansport Cast Iron Camping Tripod with a heavy-duty steel structure and a nickel-plated adjustable chain. With a leg length of 43.3 inches and excellent stability, it offers the right support for heavy cooking pots. It’s easy to set up and at an affordable price, you get an excellent cost-performance ratio.

The Lodge 5TP2 Tall Boy Tripod is our second choice in this category. With a leg length of 60-inches, this tallboy is ideal for large Dutch ovens. The material is high-grade steel and the black finish enhances the durability. It’s also available in a shorter and a foldable design.

In the third spot, we have the Xergur Camping Tripod Board. It has a unique design with a stainless steel board and a 46.5-inch-long chain. The board can be used by cutting three branches and using them as tripod legs. At 6 ounces, it’s ultralight and perfect for backpackers.

We’ve also compiled a detailed buyer’s guide and a list of FAQs.

Of course, cooking tripods are only one of the many things you need to cook outdoors. That’s why we’ve also compiled a list of best camp kitchens, best portable propane firepits, and best camping mess kits.

Best Campfire Cooking Tripods – Comparison Table

MaterialHeight (inches)Weight (pounds)Notable Features

Stansport Cast Iron Camping Tripod  
Heavy-duty steel43.313 poundsNickel-plated chain, Lead-free steel
Lodge 5TP2 Tall Boy Tripod Heavy-duty steel6011.43Galvanized chain, can be used with 8 qt Dutch ovens
Xergur Camping Tripod BoardHigh-grade stainless steel46.4 inches chain length6 ouncesUltralight design, a  24-month warranty
Coleman Tripod Grill & Lantern HangerGalvanized SteelNot specified2Collapsible, shock-corded legs, Comes with a grill grate
Texsport Campfire Cooking Dutch Oven TripodForged iron42.57.5Heavy-duty plated chain, Top-notch stability
Camp Chef Dutch Oven Tripod Alloy steel509Easy to use, Comes with a storage bag

Stansport Cast Iron Camping Tripod  

  • Cookware Compatibility (30%) – 9/10
  • Durability (30%) – 9/10
  • Leg Length (20%)– 8/10
  • Stability (10%) – 9/10
  • Portability (10%) – 7/10

With a rock-solid build, the camping tripod from Stansport is one of the best in the market. What we also liked is the simple and effective design that’s great for using Dutch ovens and coffee pots.

With heavy-duty steel construction, you don’t need to worry about durability. The nickel-plated chain comes with 2 S-hooks for ease of use. Stansport also mentions that the structure is lead-free.

By using the chain, you can adjust the length of the hanging pot. This also allows you to use it in a safe manner over a flame or over coal. 

Also, the setup is super easy. With a minimum number of parts, you don’t need much effort to tear down the structure either.

Note, the legs do get hot after some time. So, make sure to take the right safety measures while cooking.

The three-leg design is extremely stable and the leg length is 43.3 inches. That’s good enough for using larger pots. You can also use it for hanging lanterns or water jugs.

Users were also able to use the legs over fire pits. However, in campgrounds where the fire pit is elevated, the leg length isn’t sufficient for larger pots.

Is it heavy?

Well, at 13 pounds, this is a heavy tripod. 

But the relatively compact structure makes it ideal for car camping trips. It isn’t suitable for backpacking trips though.

Now, Stansport doesn’t mention the weight capacity of the tripod. But users were able to use fully loaded 5 qt cast-iron Dutch ovens on it.

Considering the price, we feel this tripod from Stansport offers solid value. If you’re looking for a tripod that will last a lifetime, this is the right choice.

We have no qualms about placing it at the top spot in this category.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to use
  • Good for small and medium pots and ovens
  • Excellent stability
  • Offers good value


  • Limited portability
  • Not the best for 8qt Dutch ovens

Lodge 5TP2 Tall Boy Tripod 

  • Cookware Compatibility (30%) – 9/10
  • Durability (30%) – 8/10
  • Leg Length (20%)– 9/10
  • Stability (10%) – 9/10
  • Portability (10%) – 6/10

The 5TP2 from Lodge is an excellent option if you’re looking for a tall tripod. The Tall Boy is well built and super easy to set up.

The construction is high-grade steel and the legs come with a black finish that makes them heat-resistant. The hanging chain is 36 inches in length and is galvanized for high durability. 

We have to admit, the build quality was top-notch. This Tall Boy can handle rough outdoor use without breaking a sweat.

With a leg length of 60 inches, this tripod can be used with larger Dutch Ovens over 8 qt. Users mentioned that the weight capacity is good enough to support fully loaded ovens.

The setup is super simple. Users love the ease of use.

What about stability?

Most users found it to be rock solid. Even on soft or uneven surfaces, the tripod remained stable.

But the problem with the tall boy design is portability. The long length makes it difficult to store this tripod in small spaces.

The good news is, the model is also available with a 43.5-inch leg length. If you find that too short, you can choose the foldable version. That way you will be able to adjust the leg length between 40 inches and 60 inches.

However, you’ll have to pay a higher price for the foldable model.

Also, the unit is on the heavier side. At over 11 pounds, it’s not easy to carry around.

Some users also mentioned that the chain doesn’t come with a welded link. Still, there were no reports of failure from long-term users.

Overall, this is a solid tripod that’s designed to deliver years of service. But if you’re looking for better portability, look elsewhere.


  • Top-grade materials
  • Ideal for large Dutch ovens
  • Excellent stability
  • Available in three designs


  • A higher price tag
  • Not a compact unit

Xergur Camping Tripod Board

  • Cookware Compatibility (30%) – 8/10
  • Durability (30%) – 9/10
  • Leg Length (20%)– 8/10
  • Stability (10%) – 8/10
  • Portability (10%) – 9/10

To be honest, this product from Xergur is not a camping tripod per se. It doesn’t come with a heavy-duty leg structure that you expect from a tripod.

Instead, it offers a stainless steel board and a 46.5-inch chain that can be combined with three branches. The branches act as the legs.

Obviously, this isn’t the right design for using heavy-duty ovens. But think about this…

The small and lightweight product offers excellent versatility. You can easily carry it around in your backpack or bug-out bag to use in any location. Just cut three strong branches with a knife and you have a ready-to-use camping tripod in your hands.

And the best part is, it comes at a super affordable price.

The board and the chain are made from top-grade materials and are high-temperature resistant. The board has three holes of 2-inch diameter that can be used for setting branches of lesser diameter.

The whole unit can be stored in a supplied leather pouch for easy storage. The overall weight is just above 6 ounces.

With a simple design and fewer connecting parts, the board is easy to use. Users were also satisfied with the durability.

While cutting the branches takes some time, the incredible portability and versatility of the tripod board can’t be ignored.

It isn’t the best choice for large groups heading out for a glamping trip. But backpackers and survivalists will love the ultralight and innovative design.

At this price, we feel that the product offers excellent value for money. If you’re ready to look beyond the traditional tripod design, this versatile product is worth a closer look.


  • Ultralight design
  • Compact for backpacking use
  • Excellent material quality
  • Versatile for outdoor use
  • Offers great value


  • Not for heavier cooking pots.
  • Takes time to set up

Coleman Tripod Grill & Lantern Hanger

  • Cookware Compatibility  (30%) – 8/10
  • Durability (30%) – 7/10
  • Leg Length (20%)– 8/10
  • Stability (10%) – 8/10
  • Portability (10%) – 9/10

Frankly, we love tripods that come with collapsible legs for the ease of portability. And Coleman has combined a collapsible tripod with a grill grate to make this an excellent choice for campers.

The collapsible legs are made from galvanized steel. Besides, the leg elements are shock-corded. So, there’s no chance of misplacing a piece.

In terms of build quality, this isn’t the best in this category. Coleman doesn’t mention teh leg length either. If you’re looking for a tripod to handle the weight of an 8 qt Dutch oven, look elsewhere.

What’s more, the feet of the tripod are sharpened. That allows you to stick them into the ground for extra stability.

Coleman has also added a 17-inch diameter grill grate to the unit. That makes it perfect for grilling hot dogs or a steak.

Setting it up is simple and so is the teardown.

However, some users mentioned balancing the grill isn’t easy. You need to put the chain clips in the right position.

While it’s not a robust tripod, the weight is on the lighter side. At 2 pounds, it’s one the lightest tripods you’ll find.

That makes it good for camping and backpacking trips. The compact size allows you to pack it in small spaces.

On the downside, users remarked that the cord connecting the poles can melt when overheated. Make sure to keep the legs away from the main fire.

This is one area where Coleman could have done better.

On the whole, if you want to do some light cooking during camping, this unit offers good value. But for heavy-duty use, there are better models.


  • A collapsible design
  • Good stability 
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use


  • Not the most durable tripod
  • Balancing issues with the grill

Texsport Campfire Cooking Dutch Oven Tripod

  • Cookware Compatibility  (30%) – 9/10
  • Durability (30%) – 9/10
  • Leg Length (20%)– 7/10
  • Stability (10%) – 8/10
  • Portability (10%) – 8/10

This is a medium-sized camping tripod from Texsport that comes with an adjustable chain.

To start with, the overall quality is good enough for outdoor use. The legs are made from forged iron and the chain is plated to make it corrosion-resistant.

At 42.5 inches, this isn’t a tall tripod. But the medium height is good enough for most cooking scenarios. The 26-inch chain comes with an S hook and you can adjust the length as per your needs.

The heavy-duty design is built to last. Even when attached with heavy cast iron pots, users noted that the tripos offered excellent stability.

Users used 5 qt Dutch ovens with the unit without any problem. 

Setting it up is also super easy. You can also use it as a lantern holder during group outings.

That said, the shorter height makes it unsuitable for using larger Dutch ovens. There isn’t enough clearance to raise the larger pots sufficiently high above the fire.

Keep in mind, it won’t fit over high fire pits either.

At 7.5 pounds the weight is on the lower side. If you want a relatively lightweight tripod, this is the right model to pick. 

Don’t expect to carry it for backpacking trips though.

Overall, this durable tripod is ideal for outdoor use. While it’s not tall, the design is good enough for pairing with smaller cooking pots.


  • A heavy-duty design
  • Good stability 
  • Top-notch material quality
  • Easy to use
  • Relatively lightweight design


  • Not high enough for larger Dutch ovens
  • Not the best value option

Camp Chef Dutch Oven Tripod 

  • Cookware Compatibility (30%) – 9/10
  • Durability (30%) – 8/10
  • Leg Length (20%)– 9/10
  • Stability (10%) – 8/10
  • Portability (10%) – 8/10

This 50-inch heavy-duty tripod balances excellent build quality with solid stability. In fact, we were impressed by the overall craftsmanship of the unit.

The steel construction feels solid and the adjustable chain can easily hold a heavyweight. Setting up the tripod and connecting the S-hooks is a simple task.

Users appreciated the sturdy construction and the tripod was able to hold 8 qt Dutch ovens without a problem.

Keep in mind the unit doesn’t come with a pot.

The long length of 50 inches allows you to use it over fire pits with ease. The stability is good too.

Even with the longer length, Camp Chef has managed to keep the weight at 9 pounds. However, the long length doesn’t make it a portable unit. It also comes with a convenient storage bag.

One drawback that users pointed out is the lack of welded joints in the chain. At this price, we expect a more durable chain that can be used without any risk of failing in the long run.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use long tripod, this is a good choice. But for budget buyers, there are better options.


  • Well-designed unit
  • Offers good stability 
  • Relative lightweight
  • Easy to deploy


  • The chain is not weld-linked.

How to Choose the Best Campfire Cooking Tripods

In reality, campfire cooking tripods are simple items and you don’t need much technical expertise to choose one. The best cooking tripod is the one that suits your purpose and falls within your budget.

Even so, there are a few points that you need to keep in mind to separate the best model from the average one. 

Let’s take a look at some of the important ones.

The Material

The material that the tripod is made from will determine its durability and performance. The common options are cast or forged iron, steel, and aluminum.

Among these, cast iron is best when it comes to ruggedness and durability. Cast iron units are long-lasting and heat-resistant. But cast iron isn’t weather resistant and it’s also on the heavier side.

Steel offers the best balance between weight and durability. High carbon steel is resistant to weather and heat. Aluminum is lightweight but it’s not as durable as steel tripods.

Keep in mind, the quality of the chain is also important. Steel chains with a coating to make them heat-resistant are a good option. Chains with welded links are more durable than their press-fit counterparts.


When we talk about the size of a tripod, the main consideration is height. Ideally, a tripod should be around 50 inches in height. With an adjustable chain, this is good enough to cook in low as well as high heat. The chain will allow you to set the height of the cooking pot as needed.

If you plan to cook at high temperatures and don’t mind the pot coming in contact with the fire, shorter lengths are good too. Shorter lengths will also ensure that the tripod is lighter in weight.

Note, once you spread apart the three legs, the overall height will come down. For example, a 50-inch tripod may come down to 46 inches once it’s set up.


Most campfire cooking tripods don’t offer the best portability. Still, tripods with collapsible legs are a better option as they are more compact in size.

But with better durability and longer length, the average tripod will weigh close to 10 pounds. If you don’t plan to use heavy pots, you can look for tripods with hollow legs that are less durable but lighter.

Ease of Use

Using a tripod that’s complicated to set up can be a frustrating experience. Choose a simple unit that is easy to assemble and break down. That delivers a better user experience and makes it easy to store the tripod away when packing up.


What can you cook on a fire pit tripod?

You can easily cook vegetables or boil a stew by hanging a pot on the tripod. If the unit comes with a grill, you can barbecue the meat over the coals.

How do you use a fire pit tripod?

It can be used in the same way as used over a campfire. If the pit is raised, make sure the tripod has the extra height to adjust the position of the cooking pot.

How do you set up a tripod for cooking?

Setting up a tripod is simple. All you need to do is spread out the three legs over the fire. Then hang the cooking pot from the S hook attached to the chain. The chain height can be adjusted depending on the temperature needed for cooking.

How do you cook on an open fire?

You need to follow some precautions while cooking on an open fire. Firstly, use the right firewood. It’s best to choose dry, seasoned wood. Shelter the fire from winds to avoid sparks. Use the right equipment like tripods and metal utensils. For additional safety, keep a bucket of water nearby.


So it all adds up to this…

If you want to enjoy a scrumptious meal while camping, picking the right campfire cooking tripod is a must.

The Stansport Cast Iron Camping Tripod, our top pick, is a classic tripod that will provide decades of service with its heavy-duty design. 

The Lodge 5TP2 Tall Boy Tripod is for those who are looking for bigger pots. While the portability isn’t the best, it’s great for a large group.

The Xergur Camping Tripod Board comes with an innovative design that’s perfect for backpackers looking for an ultralight option. You can use it anywhere in the wilderness, as long as you can collect three tall branches.

Time for you to take the next step.

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