The 10 Best 8-Person Tents – Camp in Large Groups!

The 10 Best 8-Person Tents
The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

We conducted 10+ hours of research to conclude that the Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent is the best 8-person tent.

Part of the fun of camping trips is simply spending time outdoors with friends or family.

But what if you have a lot of loved ones? Trying to cram them all into an undersized tent is a recipe for crankiness, claustrophobia, and general unpleasantness.

So it makes sense to look for a tent large enough for everyone to have some space. 

You’ve probably noticed a ton of tents on the market. To help you choose, we’ve condensed all those tents into a list of the best 8-person tents.

We concluded that our favorite overall is the Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent. With more than enough space for a large group, it successfully qualifies as a true 8P tent. It even includes functional weather protection and a nearly instant setup at an extremely low cost.

The Coleman Tent Octagon with Panoramic View was a top pick for smaller groups. This way, you only get the space you need rather than an excessive amount. Not to mention, we adore the 360 views and super tall 7’ ceiling.

We think the Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent with Built-in Closet will do the trick for families. It offers a large closet to store extra clothes and the kiddos’ favorite toys. The overhead light is also a nice addition.

Table of Contents

Top Recommendations – The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

Best Overall – Top Recommendations

Best for Smaller Groups – Top Recommendations

Best for Families – Top Recommendations

Best for Bad Weather – Top Recommendations

  • NEMO Wagontop 8P  — a premium product that can handle anything at a premium cost
  • REI Kingdom 8  — lots of mesh and essentially a screen room

Best for Sleeping In – Top Recommendations

Other Noteworthy Contenders – Top Recommendations

In addition to this list, we also developed this buyer’s guide. In it, we explain why we picked each product as a suitable 8P tent. 

1. The Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent – The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

The 10 Best 8-Person Tents
The Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent
  • Space & comfort (30%) – 8/10, fits 8-9 people comfortably but only offers 1 door
  • Weather resistance (25%) – 8/10, withstood severe thunderstorms
  • Build quality and durability (15%) – 6/10
  • Ease of setup (10%) – 8/10, reported to pitch in 5 minutes
  • Weight & Portability (10%) – 8/10, 18lbs is nice for a car camping tent
  • Company history and reputation (10%) – 7/10

Best for groups of 8-9 that want a no-frills, roomy tent that won’t break the bank; $$

For those of you who want to have fun outdoors but are too broke to afford a top-dollar oversized tent, allow me to present the Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent.

Although it comes in at a budget-friendly cost, this tent surprised me with its positive performance.

Right off the bat, the Core 9 Person actually lives up to the name. Boasting a 16×9’ floor plan, you can easily throw three queen beds here. Everyone even said it’s actually bigger than the images depict.

As one camper reported, it also held up to some pretty nasty weather, including severe back-to-back thunderstorms. 

So if you get caught in some weather, you don’t need to worry about getting drenched.

When the weather is cooperating, remove the rainfly for mostly uninterrupted mesh viewing and flawless airflow.

As a final perk, despite not being labeled as an “instant” tent, it may as well be one. 

A particularly amusing story was told by a camper who had had *ahem* a bit too much camping fun. Despite being somewhat drunk, he still had no trouble pitching the tent in 5 minutes.

The Core 9P is an excellent pick for any budget-conscious large group. Yet, it doesn’t chince out in performance.

Pros – The Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent

  • Ideal for larger groups; 16×9’ floor fits 3 queen beds easily
  • Amazingly budget friendly for a tent of this capacity
  • It confirmed to hold up to bad weather; again, surprising for the price range
  • Instant setup, even though it’s not labeled; 5-minute pitch

Cons – The Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent

  • The storage bag is tight when trying to replace the tent; it can be a hassle

2. The Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent – The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

The 10 Best 8-Person Tents
The Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent
  • Space & comfort (30%) – 8/10, can handle 5-6 people and also includes screen room for more space and sleeping people
  • Weather resistance (25%) – 8/10, handles well in bad conditions, especially considering its price
  • Build quality and durability (15%) – 8/10, lots of people praised its construction
  • Ease of setup (10%) – 6/10
  • Weight & Portability (10%) – 7/10
  • Company history and reputation (10%) – 7/10

Best for groups of 8-9 on a budget who want a lot of space with a bonus screen room $$

The Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent is your go-to if you’re trying to get the most amount of square footage for the money.

At 16×11 feet, this is the largest product on our list – it’s more of a portable cabin! And it comes at an affordable price, which is pleasantly surprising for a tent of this capacity. 

With that floor plan, you can easily fit a large group of 8-9 people. 

As if that amount of real estate isn’t enough, the Wenzel 8P has a screen room. 

One nice touch that I enjoy is that the screen room has the floor. Many screen-room tents – especially at this price – don’t usually include a floor. Without a proper bottom, insects can easily enter your supposed bug-free sanctuary.

But thanks to the screen room floor, you can use this space for sleeping and general hanging around.

When the skies decide to open up, you’ll still remain comfortable – not claustrophobic – in the Wenzel 8P. 

Campers have spoken positively about this tent’s ability to withstand rain. It’s actually great to see the weatherproof specs aren’t lacking on this affordable model.

The bathtub floor keeps the seams off the ground and out of water. And the taped seams only offer an extra layer of protection to ensure you stay dry.

Even though the weatherproofing is good overall, the rainfly design wasn’t thought through quite as thoroughly. 

At the door, the fly doesn’t extend at all. So if it’s raining, you’ll get wet while you unzip the door. Plus, you could track rain into the tent.

Pros – The Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent

  • The most amount of space on our list: 16×11’ fits a large group of up to 9 people
  • Extremely affordable; not a flimsy product at all, equipped with square footage and specs of a more expensive model
  • Doesn’t have any issues dealing with rain or wind
  • Plenty of mesh

Cons – The Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent

  • Some say it can get a little hot inside
  • Doesn’t include an E-port for bringing in outside power; if this is a feature you need, consider looking elsewhere
  • The rainfly in the front doesn’t extend over the door

3. The WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent – The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

The 10 Best 8-Person Tents
The WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent
  • Space & comfort (30%) – 9/10, multiple size options, 13’ and 16.5’
  • Weather resistance (25%) – 8/10, naturally waterproof, reported to keep out rain
  • Build quality and durability (15%) – 9/10, long-lasting
  • Ease of setup (10%) – 8/10, reported to be easier to assemble than other canvas tents
  • Weight & Portability (10%) – 5/10 canvas tents are heavy
  • Company history and reputation (10%) – 8/10

Best for: groups of any size who want to venture into the world of canvas tents, want a long-lasting and performing product, and are willing to invest in it; $$$$

If you’ve seen those adorable Pinterest photos of canvas tents and want to try the glamping life, check out the WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent.

Available in several sizes, including a 13’ (for 6P) and 16.5’ (for 10P), there’s a size for every group.

Plus, since you have a perfectly symmetrical, circular floor, you can arrange the space (and maximize it) without the restriction of a rectangular floor plan.

All this means you won’t feel cramped in this cozy home-away-from-home.

One personal drawback is that it may be too cozy: only two windows and a large door. If 360 viewing is a priority for you, this may not be your solution. 

On the other hand, the Regatta is a dry place to wait out any storms. Canvas is naturally waterproof, and this tent is no exception. 

In fact, some people have left it pitched for months through all kinds of weather, including thunderstorms. But through it all, the inside stayed perfectly dry.

Finally, don’t be scared away because it looks hard to set up; it really isn’t.

Sure, it’s not a 2-minute instant tent. But unlike some canvas tents, which require hours of pitch time, the Regatta can be assembled in 20 minutes.

Pros – The WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

  • Multiple size options for groups as small as 2-3 and up to 10
  • Waterproof and has been tested
  • Good ventilation; naturally breathable plus included vents
  • 20-minute pitch is impressive for a canvas tent
  • Gorgeous aesthetic; there’s just something extra to canvas
  • Long-lasting; some people hold on to these tents for several decades

Cons – The WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

  • Quite expensive; can be do-able if you understand that this is an investment for years
  • Canvas tents are double the weight of any synthetic tents

4. The Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8P – The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

The 10 Best 8-Person Tents
The Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8P
  • Space & comfort (30%) – 8/10, accommodates groups of 6-8
  • Weather resistance (25%) – 6/10,  mixed feedback on weather performance
  • Build quality and durability (15%) – 6/10, be gentle when setting up; poles can get caught and rip
  • Ease of setup (10%) – 5/10, not the easiest assembly; poles are annoying
  • Weight & Portability (10%) – 6/10, a bit heavy at 31lbs
  • Company history and reputation (10%) – 7/10

Best for groups of 6-8 with taller members who intend to camp in mild weather; $$$

If you want a comfortable cabin tent for a group of taller campers, consider the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8P.

Offering a wildly tall 7’ ceiling height, not even the tallest members in your group should worry about bumping into the roof.

The 13×10’ floor space holds 2 queen beds with an extra 3’ for another cot or additional moving space.

Although it’s not as big as some other tents on our list, the room divider helps mitigate this somewhat. It can be unfurled to provide extra privacy and separation, which is a welcome addition when camping with so many people.

The Eureka Copper Canyon 8P is perfect for warm, fair-weather camping.

It’s received special praise for its airflow, even on hot nights. You can drift off to sleep comfortably instead of tossing and turning because it’s still too stuffy.

We mention fair-weather camping specifically because it’s just that: a tent best left at home when the weather is poor.

Despite receiving praise from some campers, others mentioned their difficulties with the occasional leak or two. This was especially true in driving wind and rain.

Plus, the build could be better. It’s pretty sturdy once assembled, but be warned: it’s advisable to be gentle when setting it up.

The poles have a habit of getting stuck. And when that happens, the pole sleeves tend to rip if you try to jam them through.

Pros – The Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8P

  • Do-able space of 13×10’ holds 2 queen beds
  • Wonderfully tall 7’ ceiling height accommodates even the tallest of group members
  • Lovely airflow for the hottest nights; no stuffiness here
  • Room divider helps add extra separation for those times when you don’t want to deal with your fellow tent-mates

Cons – The Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8P

  • Not the best in bad weather; received mixed feedback
  • Construction, especially during assembly, could be better; poles get stuck and possibly rip

5. The CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent – 14′ x 9 – The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

The 10 Best 8-Person Tents
The CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent
  • Space & comfort (30%) – 8/10, can sleep up to 8 people
  • Weather resistance (25%) – 8/10, stays dry in the rain
  • Build quality and durability (15%) – 7/10
  • Ease of setup (10%) – 9/10, pitches in 1 minute
  • Weight & Portability (10%) – 6/10 30lbs is a bit heavy
  • Company history and reputation (10%) – 7/10

Best for: groups of 7-9 who want an no-fuss-pitch and reliable tent for a reasonable price; $$

The CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent – 14′ x 9 is the tent for you if you want to avoid the hassle of a tedious setup process.

Everyone who has used this tent praises its 60 second pitch. This is thanks to the pre-attached poles. You unfold them, extend them like an umbrella, and voila! Instant tent.

At the same time, you’re not sacrificing space for convenience. 

The CORE 9P offers 14×9’ of living space. And with 6.5’ of ceiling room, no one will have to stoop down when moving around inside.

Not to mention, this tent has been tested in bad weather and has remained dry

Actually, one camper recalled being at a campground with some buddies, who were in a separate tent. When a strong thunderstorm struck, the camper’s buddies had to go sleep in their car. Whereas the CORE 9P held steady all night.

None of these perks are coming at a painful cost to your wallet. 

Coming in at a decently affordable price, this makes the CORE 9P a good option for someone who wants a basic but sturdy tent without breaking the bank.

One of the negatives, though, has to do with the zipper construction. 

A few users expressed concern over the two door zippers. When they close at the corners, there’s a small gap just large enough for bugs or small critters to sneak inside. So be mindful of this design flaw when purchasing.

Pros – The CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Cons – The CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

6. The Coleman Tent Octagon with Panoramic View – The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

The 10 Best 8-Person Tents
The Coleman Tent Octagon with Panoramic View
  • Space & comfort (30%) – 6/10, if you have a true 8 person group, this might be too small
  • Weather resistance (25%) – 8/10, good specs 
  • Build quality and durability (15%) – 8/10
  • Ease of setup (10%) – 8/10, users report easy setup 
  • Weight & Portability (10%) – 5/10, 45lbs is heavy even for a car camping tent
  • Company history and reputation (10%) – 8/10

Best for: groups of 5-6 who don’t need the excess enormity of a true 8P tent but still want a comfortable amount of room; $$$

If your group is a little on the smaller side, but you still want something large enough to fit everyone without being cavernous, check out the Coleman Tent Octagon with Panoramic View.

There are several things that make this tent stand out. 

The first is its tall height. This 7’ ceiling is pretty darn awesome – no one in your group will need to hunch anywhere inside this tent.

Next, we have the unique octagonal shape. 

With its symmetrical and octagonal floor plan, several campers can lay their sleeping gear in the middle of the tent, while still having room for a few others to lay on the edges.

Another noteworthy feature of the Octagon is the impressive weatherproof specs.

It features a high waterproof rating of 2000mm, and coated polyester construction for fabric that doesn’t leak.

Not to mention, the sewn-in bathtub floor helps prevent unwelcome rainwater sneaking in through the floor as well.

Now that we’ve highlighted some of the perks, I will say that this tent is a bit small if you have a group of 8 people. Some campers said it’s too cramped when you try to stuff 7 or 8 people inside.

Offering a 65’ sq ft floor, this is a little smaller than some of the other tents we’re discussing. So if you do need an 8P tent for a true 8P group, you may want to look elsewhere.

Pros – The Coleman Tent Octagon with Panoramic View

  • 7’ tall ceiling height; everyone can stand up with ease, even the tallest members of your group
  • Waterproof rating of 2000, durable fabrics, and bathtub floor have proved themselves in the field
  • 360 panoramic views
  • Great ventilation; no one will feel stuffy
  • Hinged door adds an extra touch of luxury

Cons – The Coleman Tent Octagon with Panoramic View

  • Not the best for a group of 8 people
  • The vents can’t be closed from the inside; if it’s downpouring, you’re going to get wet!
  • 45 lbs is heavy, even for a car camping tent

7. The Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Lighted 8P Tent – The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

The 10 Best 8-Person Tents
The Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Lighted 8P Tent
  • Space & comfort (30%) – 6/10, a little small for a group of 8 adults, but do-able for families with kids
  • Weather resistance (25%) – 5/10, not the best against storms
  • Build quality and durability (15%) – 7/10
  • Ease of setup (10%) – 8/10, fast setup
  • Weight & Portability (10%) – 6/10, heavy at 32lbs, wheeled case
  • Company history and reputation (10%) – 8/10

Best for: groups of 6-7 adults, but especially great for families of 8, partly thanks to the enormous closet; $$

It’s difficult to find a true 8P tent that actually…you know…holds all 8 people because the manufacturers fail to account for where everyone will keep their stuff.

Basically, all the gear – including perhaps the kiddos’ toys and equipment – ends up on the floor. Then there’s no room left without feeling cramped.

Thankfully, the Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Lighted 8P Tent has a solution. They built an entire closet into their tent for gear storage.

With a 5’ height and 2’ depth, that’s not much smaller than a closet at home. It’s perfect for hanging your clothes. Or you could use the bottom area for stashing coolers or snack bins.

Still need more room? No worries, you also get three mesh shelves too.

Because of all this, Tenaya Lake gets closer to that true 8 person capacity. And while we still think it might be too tight for 8 adults, multiple campers say they fit two queen beds with leftover room just fine.

That said, a few families totaling 8 people would fit perfectly if some of those members are smaller children.

Just keep an eye on the weather forecast if you go with this tent. It’s been reported to perform poorly in strong wind and rain.

Don’t go running for the hills though – it’s fine in a drizzle. Just beware of heavier conditions, and consider dedicating the Tenaya Lake for fairer weather.

Pros – The Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Lighted 8P Tent

  • Great for families of 8 or up to 7 adults; 13×9’ floor with a 6’8 height
  • Gear closet holds a lot of stuff and free up additional floor space
  • Overhead light and lightswitch; find what you need without groping around in the dark
  • Easy pitch is true to form: goes up in minutes

Cons – The Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Lighted 8P Tent

  • Not ideal for bad weather; keep it for warmer temperatures 
  • Probably a bit too small for groups of 8 adults or larger people

8. The NEMO Wagontop 8P – The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

The 10 Best 8-Person Tents
The NEMO Wagontop 8P
  • Space & comfort (30%) – 8/10, fits up to 8 people but it could be a little tight
  • Weather resistance (25%) – 9/10, withstood severe thunderstorms and multi-day downpours
  • Build quality and durability (15%) – 8/10
  • Ease of setup (10%) – 7/10
  • Weight & Portability (10%) – 8/10
  • Company history and reputation (10%) – 9/10, NEMO is a premier brand

Best for: groups up to 8 that anticipate camping in more rugged conditions and are all right with paying a premium price for a premium product; $$$$

For those looking to camp in slightly more challenging conditions, consider the NEMO Wagontop 8P. 

This is certainly a high-level tent for those who want to venture outside the paved lot sites of a traditional campground. 

With a rugged and impressive 300D-coated polyester floor, you’re getting a floor that can be pitched on pretty much any terrain without wear and tear or damage.

The full-coverage rainfly is also great to see on a large-capacity tent. And even better, it works.

Campers rave about the weatherproof performance. From thunder in the mountains to 4-day-long rainstorms, the NEMO Wagontop isn’t phased by a little water.

Something that bears mentioning is the favorable condensation performance. Even with the fly closed, the tent doesn’t get stuffy or has an excessive moisture buildup.

This is especially intriguing considering the hybrid single/double wall structure. Half of the tent consists of a single wall with two mesh windows for airflow.

The other half is the traditional double-wall construction. This half is made entirely of mesh, meaning it’s a wonderful screen room for lazing around.

Certainly, the NEMO Wagontop’s weather performance is pretty impressive. But that’s not all we’re pleased with. This tent offers plenty of space so you can wait out those rainy days in comfort.

The floor measures 15×8’. That’s almost enough room for 3 queen beds. Another interesting thing to note is even though this tent looks kind of small (long and skinny) it’s actually deceptively taller inside.

Because it’s a tunnel tent, the walls are nearly vertical. Add to that a peak height of 6.6’ and you can easily walk inside without bumping your shoulders or head.

Pros – The NEMO Wagontop 8P

  • Weatherproof specs; 300D floor is tough and won’t rip, and full-coverage rainfly offers tested protection in the worst of conditions
  • Good condensation management even when the fly is down
  • Technically a two-room tent; the fabric divider is built in but can be pulled back
  • Large screen room

Cons – The NEMO Wagontop 8P

  • The price tag is extremely unforgiving
  • May be an overkill for most

9. The REI Kingdom 8 – The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

The 10 Best 8-Person Tents
The REI Kingdom 8
  • Space & comfort (30%) – 7/10, could be tight for 8 adults, but good for slightly smaller groups or families of 8
  • Weather resistance (25%) – 8/10, full coverage fly reported handling everything
  • Build quality and durability (15%) – 6/10, floor a bit delicate, solid otherwise
  • Ease of setup (10%) – 6/10, setup is a little involved
  • Weight & Portability (10%) – 7/10
  • Company history and reputation (10%) – 8/10

Best for: groups of 6-7 adults or a family of 8 who want to camp confidently no matter the forecast; $$$$ 

For the trade-off of a bit of extra space, the REI Kingdom 8 packs a surprising amount of benefits.

First off, yes, it is on the smaller side: 12×8’ in floor space, with a 6.25’ ceiling height. 

Thus, we’d suggest this tent for 6-7 adults at most. Or perhaps several families with smaller kids totaling 8 people.

But that size trade-off does come with some perks.

The majority of the REI Kingdom is constructed of a lightweight 75D nylon taffeta. The floor is coated with polyester. However, it doesn’t feel as “tarp-like” and heavy as most car camping tents. This is one way the lower weight was achieved.

As a tradeoff though, since the floor is made of lighter material, it’s a bit more delicate. Consider getting a cheap tarp or footprint to place under the tent to protect the floor.

You’re also getting a whole lot of mesh on this thing. 

The front half of the tent is basically a screen room, let’s be honest. This is great for ventilation, as well as relaxing in an airy, bug-free space.

Additionally, the REI Kingdom boasts some impressive waterproof performance.

It comes with a full-coverage rainfly, for one. Normally, you only see these on backpacker’s tents. They don’t usually come in car camping tents. So it’s nice to have the reassurance that comes with a fly that can withstand even driving rain.

Speaking of hard rain, some campers say that no matter how bad it got outside, this tent doesn’t leak. Now you can camp confidently regardless of the forecast!

Pros – The REI Kingdom 8

  • So much mesh! Half the tent is basically a screen room, plus a mesh roof for breathability and views
  • Full coverage rainfly
  • Amazing weather performance
  • Spacious 33 sq ft vestibule for storage and maximizing interior space
  • Mesh pockets help with space as well

Cons – The REI Kingdom 8

  • Floor is a bit delicate
  • Expensive price will be off-putting for some

10. The Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent – The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

The 10 Best 8-Person Tents
The Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent
  • Space & comfort (30%) – 9/10, fits 7-8 people easily
  • Weather resistance (25%) – 8/10, surprisingly good at keeping out rain
  • Build quality and durability (15%) – 7/10
  • Ease of setup (10%) – 9/10, instant setup
  • Weight & Portability (10%) – 7/10
  • Company history and reputation (10%) – 7/10

Best for groups of 7-8 who need a tent that will allow for catching up on sleep even after sunrise; $$

You and all your buds want those camping nights to last as long as possible…even when they begin to be measured in “AM” hours.

So have a look at the Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent. Featuring dark room fabrics, it’s your best bet for getting some sleep once the sun comes up.

Besides, being rudely woken by the sunrise is annoying even when you haven’t stayed up late the night before!

Another side benefit of dark fabric is the interior coolness. Even when it’s hot outside, the inside of the tent remains relatively cooler.

And at night, when you have lights on, you retain a lot of privacy due to the opaque nature of the fabric. This way, unwanted people can’t peep in.

Rest assured you’ll have plenty of room to recline and escape the heat. The Ozark Trail 10P measures 14×10’, which is more than enough to fit 3 queen mattresses. 

Plus, the campers who have used this tent have all reported being quite happy with its size.

To get even more space, you get a partial mesh wall rack. It contains multiple pockets that can store all your small necessities like snacks or personal items. No more digging through your stuff searching for that elusive tube of sunscreen!

In poor weather, this tent handles like a champ. So much so that perhaps it encourages bad practices *cough*. 

By this, I mean that one camper told a story about gusty rain that rolled in. Despite not being staked down (guys, seriously, do this please), the tent didn’t budge an inch.

You’d think that this sturdiness might imply a complicated setup process. But thankfully, that’s not the case.

True to its name, this is an instant tent. Users have happily confirmed that it goes up in less than 2 minutes.

Pros – The Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

  • Darkroom fabric; great for sleeping in
  • Spacious 14×10’ fits 3 queen mattresses without any issues
  • Mesh pockets on one wall for storage
  • Handles in rain and wind
  • Relatively budget friendly
  • Instant setup; pitch in under 2 minutes

Cons – The Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

  • With the rainfly on, some campers weren’t impressed by the airflow

How to Choose the Best Tent for You – The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

If you want to go camping with a large group of friends or perhaps the whole family, looking into an 8-person tent only makes sense.

An appropriate large-capacity tent must be big enough to house up to 8 people. Not to mention, the ceiling has to be tall enough so that each member of your group can comfortably stand up without hunching.

To help you in your search for a large tent, we created this buyer’s guide so you know what to look for. 

Size and Capacity – How to Choose the Best Tent for You

Obviously, since you’re looking for a tent large enough to accommodate up to 8 people, the tent’s size and capacity is the first thing to look for. 

First, this one may be apparent but it’s wise to mention it anyway: tent manufacturers refer to person count as “P.” So, a 3P tent would be for 3 people, and so on.

Second and more importantly, tent manufacturers have this annoying habit of claiming their tents can house more people than they actually do.

By this, I mean that some (not all) tents claiming to be 8P are really better suited for groups of 5-7. 

So if you see a tent claiming a certain person count, assume that in actuality you can fit one less person than the declared capacity.

Of course, we have several tents with a declared 8P capacity, such as the Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent. After researching, we do actually recommend this for 8 people.

Here’s one final note on capacity. If you’re camping with a family that has small children, you can feasibly get 8 people into a smaller tent while still feeling comfortable.

For a group of 8, you want a tent floor with a width of at least 12’. 

For your tent’s height, look for a height with a minimum of 6’. Even higher is better, such as the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8P which is an impressively tall 7’.

This way, even the tallest members of your group can walk around comfortably and hunch-free.

When looking at available floor space, remember that you’re looking to house a lot of people. 

Weight – How to Choose the Best Tent for You

Considering that you’re camping with such a large group, you probably know that you’re not going to get away with a backpacker/ultralight weight tent.

Tents in the 8P capacity can weigh anywhere in the 20-pound range like the REI Kingdom 8, for example, up to a whopping 50lbs or more, especially for the canvas WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent.

Typically, most tents weigh in at 20lbs to 30lbs. If you see anything outside this range, proceed with caution. 

Something extra lightweight is likely to be flimsy and cheap. Whereas something wildly heavy could be an unneeded strain on you as you haul the tent to your campsite.

Shape – How to Choose the Best Tent for You

Although there are a variety of tent shapes, the main types you’ll see on our recommendation list are cabin tents and dome tents.

Cabin tents are a great choice for large groups, particularly if you have taller members. They’re known for their pretty-much vertical walls. Observe that in this cabin tent, the CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent – 14′ x 9.

In this way, they mimic a regular house. So when you stand in the center of the tent, it’s the same height as when you stand at the edge of the tent. 

All this means that no matter where you choose to stand, cabin tents won’t feel cramped.

Dome tents are another extremely popular choice. For an example of a dome tent, check out the Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent. Because of their sloping ceiling, you will notice a difference in height between the center of the tent vs. the edge of it.

There are also a few other shapes that are worth noting, even though they aren’t as widely known.

A tunnel tent like the NEMO Wagontop 8P is an interesting cross between a dome and a cabin tent

Combine them both together and what do you get? The best of both!

Also notable is a bell tent, like the WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent. They function similarly to dome tents except for one notable difference: their floors are completely round.

So instead of a length/width measurement, you have a circular floor plan.

That matters because you can spread your sleeping bags in any configuration rather than being forced to adhere to the longest edge of the floor. 

This is especially important when you have a group of around 8 people.

Materials – How to Choose the Best Tent for You

Most large car camping tents are constructed of synthetic fabrics that will hold up to average use. 

The two primary materials you will see are nylon and polyester. Nylon is featured on some tents like the REI Kingdom 8, but in general, it’s more lightweight, expensive, and saved for backpacking tents.

Polyester is heavier, which adds weight. This won’t be a huge deal, though, since you’ll be transporting the tent inside a car anyway.

Canvas is another lesser-known option for large tents. Because it’s cotton, a canvas tent is naturally much more breathable and waterproof than a synthetic tent. You won’t have to worry about condensation mistaking your tent walls.

Plus, canvas has an extremely long lifespan: when treated well, people report holding onto their canvas tents for decades.

A downside to cotton is that if you don’t care for it properly – let it air out when it gets wet – it’s highly prone to mildew.

Weather Protection – How to Choose the Best Tent for You

Although you may be searching for an 8P tent for a party or festival rather than an extended foray into the woods, paying attention to weather specs is still smart. 

After all, you don’t know what conditions will crop up.

That said, since most oversized tents aren’t intended for long exposure to the elements, they aren’t always stellar for weather protection.

However, a few stand out from the crowd, such as the NEMO Wagontop 8P and the REI Kingdom 8.

Two big features to look for are a bathtub floor and taped seams.

A bathtub floor means that the bottom of the tent actually extends several inches up the walls. This way, the vulnerable seams aren’t laying in puddles which could cause leaking.

For double protection, some tents offer taped seams. This factory process coats the seams’ tiny, exposed pinholes with a thin polyurethane layer. It effectively seals out water, helping prevent dripping rainwater.

A big plus to look for is full-coverage rainflies. These are featured in the NEMO Wagontop 8P

Instead of only covering the roof and a few inches down the sides, a full coverage fly encases the entire tent. With this type of fly, the rain is much less likely to be blown inside.

Extra Features – How to Choose the Best Tent for You

One of the best things about oversized tents is all the extra goodies they offer.

Screen rooms are a lovely addition to any tent. Check the Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent to see what they look like. They’re awesome for bug-free, picturesque lounging while still being in nature rather than in your tent.

A smaller version of a screen room is called a vestibule. While they aren’t screened and are much smaller, vestibules come in handy for many things.

You can cook inside of them if it’s raining, for one. Or regardless of the weather, vestibules are also the perfect place for storing muddy shoes or your pack.

This is even more useful if you’re low on space. *Ahem* Perhaps you forgot to pay attention to the capacity rating? You can keep your stuff outside to maximize the interior room.

Speaking of storage, did you know some large tents feature some crazy storage options? From wall-length mesh pocket panels for all your necessities to a full closet, these options allow you to max out every inch of room inside your tent.

Lastly, some 8P tents, like the Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent, are equipped with lights. It’s a nice addition to any tent, enabling you to keep the fun going even into the pitch darkness. 

Conclusion: The Final Verdict – The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

The 10 Best 8-Person Tents
The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

Although there’s a whopping amount of oversized tents on the market, we hope this guide has helped you narrow your choices. 

Out of all of them, our favorite 8P tent is the Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent.

This tent successfully provides enough space for a large group of 8 or 9 people. It’s essentially a small mansion.

Waiting out unforeseen weather won’t be an issue either. It handles bad weather, even back-to-back storms, like a boss.

Setup is also a breeze – it’s basically an instant tent in terms of it being a quick and hassle-free experience.

All of this performance is nigh astonishing, given its amazingly affordable price.

For these reasons, we can confidently say that this tent offers the most value and features that are more than suitable for a larger group.

Frequently Asked Questions – The 10 Best 8-Person Tents

1. What are the Key Features to Look for in an 8-Person Tent for Large Groups? – FAQs

When looking for an 8-person tent for large groups, it’s important to consider factors like size, durability, ventilation, and ease of setup. Look for a tent with a spacious interior that can comfortably fit eight people and strong and sturdy poles and fabric that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Good ventilation is also important to prevent condensation and keep the air inside the tent fresh. Finally, choose a tent that is easy to set up and take down, with clear instructions and minimal tools required.

2. What are Some of the Best Brands for 8-Person Tents, and What Sets Them Apart? – FAQs

Some top brands for 8-person tents include Coleman, Core Equipment, and Ozark Trail. These brands are known for their high-quality materials, sturdy construction, and user-friendly designs. They also offer a range of features like mesh windows for ventilation, built-in storage pockets, and detachable room dividers for added privacy.

3. How Easy is it to Set Up and Take Down an 8-Person Tent, and What Tools or Equipment Do I Need? – FAQs

The ease of setup and takedown for an 8-person tent will depend on the specific model and brand. However, most modern 8-person tents are designed to be relatively easy to assemble, with color-coded poles and clear instructions. You’ll generally need a set of tent poles, stakes, and guylines to set up your tent and a mallet or hammer to drive the stakes into the ground. Some tents may also require a screwdriver or other tools for assembly.

4. What Common Problems or Challenges Can Arise when Using an 8-Person Tent, and How Can I Avoid Them? – FAQs

Some common challenges when using an 8-person tent include condensation, poor ventilation, and difficulty fitting all the campers and gear inside the tent. To avoid these issues, look for a tent with good ventilation and consider using a rainfly to prevent condensation. You may also want to invest in additional storage solutions like gear lofts or hanging organizers to keep your gear organized and out of the way.

5. How Can I Maximize Comfort and Privacy in an 8-Person Tent, and What Accessories or Gear Can Help? – FAQs

To maximize comfort and privacy in an 8-person tent, consider investing in accessories like room dividers, floor mats, and air mattresses. Room dividers can help create separate sleeping areas and provide added privacy, while floor mats can make the tent more comfortable to walk on and help keep dirt and debris out. Air mattresses provide a more comfortable sleeping surface than traditional sleeping pads or cots. Additionally, bringing personal items like earplugs and eye masks can help campers get a good night’s sleep in a shared space.

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